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Fair and Care Products Facial kit

Buy Fair and Care Products Facial kit in Pakistan: Fair and Care Skincare Product.

Fair and Care Facial kit Products Description:

Fair Peel Face Whitening Facial Kit

Fair Peel Facial Kit Boost your Skin with Extra White Fairness. So this is the Best Peel (skin) Whitening Facial Kit that can be used for the Face & Body as well. best whitening facial kit,  Products are included in Fair Peel Facial Kit:

Fair Peel Detox Cleanser:

Detox the skin from germs and bacterias. Removes Pollutants and Pimple Causing Germs.

Specially formulated with Saffron Vitamin-A & C, Glycolic, along with Antioxidants Moisturizer, Fair Peel Cleanser Detox the skin from Pollutants & Pimple Causing Germs and helping to keep pores clear and prevent skin conditions such as acne.

Fair Peel Purifying Scrub:

Clear Dirt and impurities from the skin.

Specially formulated with vitamins C & SoyB12 Exfoliating, along with brightening and oil-free moisturizers, Fair Peel scrub removes Dirt & Impurities and gives your skin a Purifying Lit Glow.

Fair Peel Hydrating Mask:

Revitalizing and Hydrate the skin,  Peel Hydrating Mask specially formulated with Beta Carotene & Avocados Retinols which Revitalizing and Hydrate the skin. It will boost your skin and make it smooth.

Fair Peel illuminating Massage:

Treatment of Skin Blemishes and Give Whitening Lit Glow,

Magically formulated with Mulberry Citrus, the milk Protein & Vitamin D, along with Skin Moisturizers, Fair Peel illuminating Massage improves the Skin Cells and Makes the Skin White. Plump your complexion, lift, and brighten the skin.

Fair Peel Nourishing Soak:

Fair Peel Nourishing Soak removes layers of fairness blocking dead skin cells and it strengthens skin’s natural renewal process, revealing new bright cells. Renew your maximum Spotless Fairness. Say goodbye to skin dullness.

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