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Euphoria Star Angus Cloud Revealed How He Broke His Cranium and Received That Scar

Watching Euphoria, you may need discovered your self questioning whether or not the scar Fezco, East Highland’s favourite drug seller, sports activities on his head is actual or courtesy of VFX make-up. If that’s the case, you don’t should marvel anymore as a result of actor Angus Cloud has cleared every thing up.

In a brand new interview with Selection, Angus put the rumors about his scar — sure, it’s very a lot actual — to relaxation and shared precisely how he received it. Freakily, all of it occurred on a Friday the thirteenth in 2013 in Oakland, California, the Euphoria star’s hometown. Based on Angus, the scar origin story begins with him getting separated from his buddies whereas strolling round downtown. 

Whereas wandering round solo in the dead of night, Angus failed to note a building pit was proper in entrance of him and, thus, fell in. “I wakened 12 hours later on the backside. I used to be trapped. I ultimately climbed out after — I don’t understand how lengthy. It was hella laborious to climb out,” he recounted. Why, you would possibly ask? Properly, simply as a result of his cranium was damaged. “However my pores and skin wasn’t, so all of the bleeding was inside, urgent up in opposition to my mind,” the actor continued. “However they wasn’t gonna discover me down there. I discovered myself. Or God discovered me, no matter you wish to name it.”

Not solely did Angus break his cranium, however he additionally broke his fingers within the fall. In some way, he nonetheless managed to flee the 10-feet-deep ditch, albeit with blurry imaginative and prescient. “I didn’t really feel no ache,” Angus added. “I used to be in survival mode, you are feeling me?” 

As one does after climbing out of a deep ditch with a number of damaged bones, Angus then took the bus and headed to his mom’s home. “I used to be 14 or 15,” Angus stated. “She thought I used to be on medication, ’trigger my pupils was hella dilated. I used to be attempting to inform her what occurred, however I might solely begin a sentence — I couldn’t end it. So I used to be like, ‘I’m simply gonna go sleep in my mattress.’”

Seeing how grave his concussion was, Angus’s mom didn’t enable him to lie down, which he now acknowledges saved his life. “I’d have died. She gave me some water, and I began throwing up hella mouthfuls of crimson purple blood. Sh*t was loopy,” Angus continued. “So then my mama took me to the youngsters’s hospital, and so they saved my life. That’s what the scar’s from.”

Nevertheless, the scar shouldn’t be from the autumn itself, however fairly the surgical procedures he needed to endure to treatment the injury. “They reduce my head open, they put some screws and a plate over the place I broke my cranium and — sh*t, sealed me again up, and that was that,” Angus recounts, sharing that he additionally spent 5 days within the ICU “loaded off morphine” and a few additional days in non-intensive care items earlier than he was lastly discharged.

“The mind is so fragile,” Angus added. “It was rattling close to like nothing actually occurred. I’m so blessed to simply have minor mind injury. You understand, it’s so minor it ain’t even actually value talking about.” The Angus Cloud, everybody. Simply in case we could not love him extra.

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