Elon Musk’s Company Puts First Wireless Brain Chip in a Person

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Elon Musk, a very famous businessman, has shared big news: his company, called Neuralink, has put a special wireless chip into a person’s brain for the first time. This is a really important step in technology that connects brains and computers.

The tests done so far look good. They show that the chip can pick up signals from the brain. The person who got the chip is doing well after the surgery. Neuralink’s big goal is to help people with brain and nerve problems by connecting their brains to computers.

Neuralink isn’t the only company doing this. Other companies have already put similar chips in people’s brains.

The U.S. government’s FDA, which makes sure medical things are safe, said yes to Neuralink’s tests on people in May. This was a big deal because Neuralink had trouble getting permission before. The FDA’s approval started a six-year study. In this study, a robot puts 64 tiny threads, thinner than hair, into a part of the brain that controls movement.

The chip from Neuralink can get brain signals and send them to an app. This app figures out what movement the person wants to make. The chip gets power from a battery that can be charged without wires.

Elon Musk posted on X, a social media platform he owns, about Neuralink’s first product called “Telepathy.” He said this product would let people control their phones or computers just by thinking. It will first help people who can’t use their arms or legs.

Musk talked about Stephen Hawking, a famous scientist who couldn’t move much. He said the goal is to help people like him talk faster than someone who types really fast.

Even though Elon Musk is very famous and helps Neuralink get attention, there are other companies doing similar work. One company in Utah, called Blackrock Neurotech, started putting chips in brains in 2004. Another company, started by someone who used to work at Neuralink, is also making a chip to help people who can’t move. Their chip is like a thin piece of tape and is easier to put in the brain.

There have been other successful tests with brain chips. In the U.S., two studies used chips to understand brain signals when people tried to talk. This helped people who have trouble speaking.

In short, Musk’s announcement is a big step for Neuralink. It shows how technology that connects brains and computers is growing fast and becoming more advanced.

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