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Egg White Cervical Mucus (EWCM): Look and That means

When you discover vaginal discharge that’s related in colour and consistency to uncooked egg whites, you might be doubtless about to ovulate. Egg white cervical mucus is essentially the most fertile type of cervical mucus, and it’s continuously abbreviated as EWCM on fertility charts and boards for these attempting to conceive.

Whereas cervical mucus modifications all through the menstrual cycle, EWCM is essentially the most fertile and alerts the perfect time to have intercourse for being pregnant. This stage of mucus is the best viscosity and pH for sperm.

Some take into account vaginal discharge a nuisance or a hygiene downside. However if you’re attempting to conceive, while you see egg white discharge, it is time to have intercourse. Or, as they are saying on the fertility boards, BD! (BD stands for the horizontal child dance.)

The Position of Egg White Cervical Mucus

Egg white cervical mucus offers the best surroundings for sperm. It helps the sperm swim up from the vaginal canal and cervix into the uterus. 

Egg white discharge additionally helps the sperm survive the normally extra acidic surroundings of the vagina. If you do not have fertile high quality cervical mucus, the sperm can not swim or survive as properly. This may occasionally result in bother getting pregnant.

A scarcity of fertile high quality cervical mucus may point out a hormonal imbalance or issues with ovulation. It is generally known as “hostile” cervical mucus.

When Does Egg White Discharge Happen?

Vaginal discharge is not all the time pleasant to sperm. Beginning after your interval, your cervical mucus transitions from a sticky consistency to a extra creamy, then watery, and at last, uncooked egg white-like consistency. As soon as ovulation passes, cervical mucus dries up and return to a extra sticky consistency.

Normally, you get fertile egg white discharge for one or two days earlier than you ovulate. These are your most fertile days, and if you wish to conceive, have intercourse while you see it.

It is also potential to have EWCM for as much as 5 days earlier than ovulation. Or, you may get it for under someday. However two or three days is extra typical. 

 Illustration by Cindy Chung, Verywell

A number of Patches 

Some folks get fertile-looking cervical mucus once more simply earlier than their interval comes. It might turn out to be watery and even egg-white like. This is not an indication of ovulation and having intercourse throughout this time won’t allow you to get pregnant.

Others get a number of patches of egg white cervical mucus all through their cycle. Today of EWCM could alternate with days of much less fertile cervical mucus. That is frequent in folks with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Though analysis is restricted on cervical mucus in folks with PCOS, one very small examine of 5 individuals discovered that individuals with PCOS typically have decreased elasticity of cervical vaginal fluid. Even after being handled with metformin, a drug typically utilized in sufferers with PCOS, the researchers had been unable to revive regular elasticity. They hypothesize that irregular cervical fluid could also be an element within the infertility of individuals with PCOS, however there may be little printed knowledge to assist this idea.

As a result of it isn’t potential to know which patch of egg white cervical mucus is the one previous ovulation, on this case, it is best to deal with every look of EWCM as probably the appropriate day to have intercourse to get pregnant.

Remember the fact that extra vaginal discharge can sign an an infection. If the discharge is accompanied by different signs corresponding to burning, itching, or a nasty scent, or if the discharge is an odd colour, speak to a healthcare supplier.

Regardless of the scenario is, in the event you’re uncertain in case your vaginal discharge is regular, see a healthcare skilled. A vaginal an infection could make conception harder.

What Triggers Egg White Cervical Mucus?

The hormones that set off the ovaries to launch an egg throughout ovulation additionally set off different modifications in your physique. These embody extra fertile vaginal discharge and modifications within the cervix, your physique temperature, and your temper. 

For instance, simply earlier than ovulation, your cervix strikes up greater, turns into softer, and extra open. Additionally, while you’re most fertile, your need for intercourse additionally will increase. That is nature’s manner of getting you to have intercourse on the proper time to conceive.

Estrogen is the hormone primarily chargeable for egg white discharge. In case your estrogen ranges are low, you will not get as a lot (or any) fertile high quality cervical mucus. This may occasionally happen as a facet impact of remedy (like Clomid). It can also happen due to age, birth-control drugs, or a hormonal imbalance.

Find out how to Verify for EWCM

Analysis exhibits that monitoring cervical mucus modifications will help you time intercourse for being pregnant. It might be much more useful than monitoring your basal physique temperature.

When you chart your basal physique temperature, you may see while you ovulated. In different phrases, you discover out while you had been most fertile after the time has handed. However with cervical mucus, you may see while you’re about to ovulate. That is the best time for intercourse.


You may examine for EWCM by noticing the discharge left in your underwear or by inserting a clear finger into your vagina. You might also attempt your bathroom paper after urination. 

It is best to not examine simply earlier than or after intercourse. Sexual arousal will change your vaginal discharge. Plus, it is easy to confuse semen with watery cervical mucus.

There’s a very particular methodology of cervical mucus monitoring often called the Billings Methodology, also called the Billings ovulation methodology or the ovulation methodology. You need not examine or be taught this system to trace cervical mucus, however it helps to know what it’s if somebody mentions it.


Egg white cervical mucus will stretch just a few inches between your fingers and seem like considerably clear and mucus-like. Non-fertile cervical mucus would not stretch a lot or in any respect. It might appear crumbly or sticky.

Makes use of

Some additionally observe cervical mucus to detect early being pregnant, however this is not very dependable. Whereas your vaginal discharge will ultimately change throughout being pregnant, these modifications aren’t noticeable till a lot later.

Potential Issues With Cervical Mucus

There are just a few totally different points which will come up in the event you examine your mucus to conceive or as a technique to forestall being pregnant. These points do not essentially sign a fertility downside.

No Rise in Temperature 

Fertile cervical mucus is often an indication that ovulation is coming. On a physique basal temperature chart, you realize that ovulation has occurred after a three-day rise in temperature happens.

So what does it imply in the event you get egg white cervical mucus, however by no means see the rise in temperature? There are just a few potential causes this will happen.

First, chances are you’ll be a part of the small share of people that do not get a rise in basal physique temperature after ovulation. Or, you might not be ovulating. Additionally it is potential that you’re not charting your temperatures fastidiously. For instance, taking your temperature at totally different instances within the morning may cause unpredictability.

If you aren’t getting the temperature rise after seeing cervical mucus, and this happens continuously, carry your charts to your OB/GYN. They can do some fertility testing, or present recommendation on charting—particularly in case your charting approach is the issue.

Lack of Discharge

Not everybody can have egg white cervical mucus. That does not essentially imply you’ve gotten a fertility downside, however it might sign one. It’s potential to get pregnant and by no means get the so-called “ultimate” egg white cervical mucus.

Some folks could discover extra watery cervical mucus that by no means fairly turns into like uncooked egg whites. If that is your scenario, then the perfect time to have intercourse to get pregnant could be the times you’ve gotten this watery cervical mucus.

When you do not appear to get even watery cervical mucus all through your cycle, speak to your healthcare supplier, particularly in the event you’ve been attempting to get pregnant for some time. A scarcity of cervical mucus may cause infertility.

In greater does, the fertility drug Clomid can result in a scarcity of egg white or watery cervical mucus. Your healthcare supplier could advocate utilizing a fertility-friendly lubricant. Do not use typical lubricants. They are often dangerous to sperm and should disrupt the pure flora and pH stability of your vagina.

Unintentional Removing 

It is extremely unlikely that you will take away an excessive amount of cervical mucus just by checking it. Nevertheless, douching might result in much less cervical mucus and reduce your possibilities of getting pregnant.

You shouldn’t douche, particularly in the event you’re attempting to get pregnant.

Vaginal “cleaning” merchandise wash away the nice micro organism that preserve yeast infections at bay. They will additionally trigger irritation. Vaginal discharge is your physique’s pure manner of protecting the world clear. 

A Phrase From Verywell

Cervical mucus is a pure and regular a part of a wholesome reproductive system. Whenever you’re within the fertile mode of your cycle, vaginal discharge helps preserve sperm alive and shifting. At different instances of the month, it retains out probably infectious microorganisms.

It’s best to have two to 5 days of egg white high quality cervical mucus each month. When you see it way more typically than that—or do not ever get fertile high quality vaginal discharge—speak to your healthcare supplier. It is also essential to get therapy if in case you have signs of a vaginal an infection (corresponding to itching, burning, irritation, or an uncommon and ugly odor).

Regularly Requested Questions

  • Can checking for egg white cervical mucus allow you to get pregnant?

    Though your cervical mucus modifications all through the menstrual cycle, egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) is essentially the most fertile kind of mucus. By checking for EWCM you may know the perfect time to have intercourse for being pregnant.

  • What must you do in the event you don’t have egg white cervical mucus?

    When you’ve got been monitoring your mucus for just a few months and haven’t observed any egg white cervical mucus, it is best to speak to a healthcare supplier. It’s potential that your physique doesn’t produce sufficient of this mucus both attributable to a drugs or a well being situation. Though the shortage of this mucus doesn’t imply you can’t get pregnant, it might make it harder. It is very important focus on your choices with a medical skilled.

  • How lengthy does ovulation final?

    Ovulation happens as soon as a month and lasts for someday or 24 hours. The egg that has been launched will die if it isn’t fertilized inside 12 to 24 hours. This implies monitoring egg white cervical mucus, which normally alerts that ovulation is close to, is likely one of the greatest methods to know when to time intercourse for being pregnant.

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