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The penis is the male intercourse organ, reaching its full dimension throughout puberty. Along with its sexual operate, the penis acts as a conduit for urine to depart the physique.

The penis is manufactured from a number of elements:
• Glans (head) of the penis: In uncircumcised males, the glans is roofed with pink, moist tissue referred to as mucosa. Overlaying the glans is the foreskin (prepuce). In circumcised males, the foreskin is surgically eliminated and the mucosa on the glans transforms into dry pores and skin.
• Corpus cavernosum: Two columns of tissue operating alongside the perimeters of the penis. Blood fills this tissue to trigger an erection.
• Corpus spongiosum: A column of sponge-like tissue operating alongside the entrance of the penis and ending on the glans penis; it fills with blood throughout an erection, protecting the urethra — which runs by way of it — open.
• The urethra runs by way of the corpus spongiosum, conducting urine out of the physique.

An erection outcomes from adjustments in blood move within the penis. When a person turns into sexually aroused, nerves trigger penis blood vessels to broaden. Extra blood flows in and fewer flows out of the penis, hardening the tissue within the corpus cavernosum.

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