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Cow dung protects from radiation, Indian courtroom claims

NEW DELHI: Homes manufactured from cow dung are protected against atomic radiation akin to nuclear blast fallout, an Indian courtroom has claimed.

Cows are honored as sacred creatures in a lot of India and authorities have cracked down laborious on cattle slaughter in recent times in live performance with Hindu nationalist teams.

The courtroom in western Gujarat was ruling on the case of a Muslim man accused of smuggling a herd to kill them, which has been unlawful underneath state legal guidelines.

Presiding decide Samir Vinodchandra Vyas stated the 22-year-old’s actions have been “very disappointing” and sentenced him to life in jail after concluding that cow slaughter was the supply of numerous international issues.

“Each drawback on the planet shall be solved on the day not a single drop of cow’s blood falls on the bottom,” stated a duplicate of his ruling, made in late November however solely printed late final week.

“It has been proved by science that even atomic radiation can’t have an effect on homes made out of cow dung. Consuming cow urine can remedy many incurable illnesses.”

Hindu nationalist teams in India are vocal advocates of cow safety, campaigning towards cattle slaughter with authorities help, and sometimes with lethal penalties.

“Cow vigilantes” have in recent times run Muslim-owned abattoirs out of enterprise and lynched folks accused of involvement in cattle slaughter.

However bovine-centric non secular insurance policies have led to unintended penalties, with stray cows now not in a position to give milk or assist plough fields now a typical sight in villages and even on busy roads in large cities.

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