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Convicted Criminal & Ex-Wife of Nikko Jenkins

Chalonda Jenkins is an American condemned criminal best acknowledged for her relationship with the American serial killer Nikko Jenkins. 

She has been closely associated with her ex-husband’s crimes.

In 2013, her ex-husband was involved in a killing spree; though she was a suspect in some of his crimes, she was never locked for them. Her personal involvement with a crime is not unknown, as she has served in correctional facilities since an earlier age.

Chalonda Jenkins Married Into A family Of Convicted Criminals

The Jenkins are recognized as a family of criminals going back generations. Over 30 members of their extended family have been sentenced for different crimes.

The immediate Jenkins family has gone down. Its patriarch, David Magee, died some years back, having been charged with murder. Lori Jenkins was involved in her son’s spree killing; Erica and Melonie Jenkins have both been convicted and are serving time.

Chalonda Jenkins Married to Nikko Jenkins In Prison

In February 2010, Chalonda and Nikko Jenkins tied the knots while both were imprisoned at the Tecumseh State Prison.

That marriage was doomed, looking at their history of crime. The wedding ended in divorce in 2017, and the couple has only ever spent four weeks as a couple outside of prison.

Chalonda Jenkins Gave Birth To A Another Man’s Child While Being Married to Nikko Jenkins

An unnamed man filed a report for child support to be paid for child support. They had the child together with Chalonda while she was still married to Nikko Jenkins.

The man has full custody of the said child while Chalonda has been absent in his life.

Chalonda Jenkins Has Been To Jail 3 Times 

For a woman who has been to jail severally on various charges, it could be safe to say she is used to live there.

Being involved with a crime family such as the Jenkins adds more drama to a turbulent life. In 2013, she was sentenced to one year in prison for being an accomplice in the nonfatal shooting of some people by Nikko Jenkins.

Chalonda Jenkins And Nikko Jenkins Have A lot of Things In Common

One can’t help but see from their images their similarity with Nikko Jenkins when it comes to their facial writings and drawings.

They seem to be lovers of facial drawings apart from other similarities they share in common, with the most obvious being a crime.

Chalonda Jenkins ex-husband Had a Past Of Self Mutilation

Ex-husband Nikko Jenkins killed four people as a sacrifice to the Egyptian serpent god Apophis as a form of worship. While in prison, he has mutilated different parts of his body like his pe**s, tongue, and forehead.

He tried chopping his genitals and tongue to look like a serpent but did a poor job of it and ended up with multiple stitches.

Chalonda Jenkins Caught With Brass Knuckles

A former girlfriend of her baby daddy made a distress call to the police. She wanted a protection order taken on an intruder who attempted to bridge her apartment. When the woman made the distress call, her descriptions fit Chalonda Jenkins.

She was later discovered in a car parked close by; she gave the wrong details when asked for her name. Investigators at the scene found her married name on the registration paper inside the car, a cup with a bottle of tequila, and brass knuckles inside her pockets.

Having brass knuckles was seen as unfavorable with regard to her recent running with the law and her criminal history, and the judge sentenced her to prison.

Chalonda Jenkins Blamed System is Responsible for Four Cold Murders

In 2013, the convicted felon sat down with an anchor for an interview to talk about her ex-husband Nikko Jenkins. She said her ex-partner told her that he was controlled by the Egyptian god Apophis. She had asked the judge not to let him out because he was not ready to enter society, but they did not listen.

She said her pleas to have Nikko get mental help were repeatedly ignored. The system was partly responsible for the four cold murders he committed in August 2013. Everything would not have happened if Nikko had continued to stay in prison and received the mental help he needed.

Nikko Jenkins threatened Chalonda Jenkins 

Nikko had threatened to kill Chalonda Jenkins, of which she laid a police report that led to his arrest. During an interrogation, Nikko admitted to the four murders not related to the threat against Chalonda.

Chalonda Jenkins was Suspected of Accompanying Nikko in his 2013 Murder Spree 

She was questioned about accompanying Nikko in his 2013 murder spree, which was the only four weeks they were together outside prison walls. He killed Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Juan Uribe-Pena, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger between 11th August 2013 and 21st August 2013 after being released from prison for felons he committed as a teenager. He was also assisted by his sisters, mother Lori, uncle, and cousin Christine Bordeaux to commit the crimes. 

Chalonda Jenkins now

The convict finished her one-year sentence at the Nebraska Women’s Correctional Facility in York. As of 2022, she is a free Omaha citizen. It is unclear what she has been up to since her release, and she has not been in the news for breaking the law. Chalonda Jenkins from Omaha has had troubled adulthood. 

Since her relationship with the infamous Jenkins family, she has located herself on the wrong side of the law multiple times. She has also not been the best mother to her only son. Hopefully, her recent prison sentence supported her change for the better person. 

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