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Can You Improve Your Odds of Conceiving Twins?

Many individuals who wish to get pregnant marvel how you can have twins. Whether or not or not you are hoping to conceive twins, it is useful to know the elements that increase your odds of getting multiples. Nonetheless, whereas some issues do improve your possibilities of twins, there aren’t any ensures—and no matter what you do, most individuals will nonetheless find yourself having a singleton being pregnant.

It is well-known that fertility therapies like Clomid (clomiphene), Gonal-F (follitropin alfa), and Follistim (follitropin beta) make it extra probably you will conceive multiples. However different elements like your peak, age, eating regimen, and household historical past may also improve (or lower) your threat of conceiving multiple child at a time. Study extra about what will increase the probability of getting twins.

It’s possible you’ll marvel why conceiving multiples is taken into account a “threat” and never a possible profit to fertility therapies. In any case, if you happen to’ve been struggling to get pregnant or simply want to have multiple child, would not a double or triple blessing be a superb factor? The actual fact is that a number of pregnancies include added dangers to the dad or mum and infants.

How Widespread Are Twins?

In line with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) beginning statistics, there have been 120,291 infants born in twin deliveries in the USA in 2019. That is 32.1 twins per 1,000 reside births, or put one other approach, about 3.21% of reside births. There have been 3,136 triplet births and simply 150 quadruplet and higher-order births throughout the identical 12 months. These numbers embody naturally occurring multiples, together with these conceived with fertility therapy.

Within the common inhabitants, similar twin pregnancies happen 0.45% of the time or 1 in 250 births. The charges are double that if you happen to use fertility therapies, so getting fertility help undoubtedly will increase the percentages of getting twins. Whereas most a number of pregnancies conceived with fertility therapies are fraternal twins, using fertility therapy additionally will increase your threat of getting similar twins.

Components That Improve the Odds of Twins

Most individuals know that utilizing fertility therapies will increase the incidence of twins. Nonetheless, fertility therapies will not be the one explanation for elevated incidences of twins and higher-order pregnancies. This is an summary of the opposite elements that improve your possibilities of getting pregnant with multiples.


Folks over 30, and notably these over age 35, usually tend to conceive twins. It is because the extent of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) rises as birthing dad and mom become older. FSH is answerable for the event of eggs within the ovaries earlier than they’re launched.

As folks age, they require greater ranges of FSH as a result of their eggs require extra stimulation to develop than earlier than. Generally, the follicles overreact to greater FSH ranges and two or extra eggs are launched and fertilized, leading to a a number of being pregnant.

Household Historical past

A household historical past of similar twins doesn’t essentially make you extra prone to have multiples, though the offspring of male similar twins could also be extra prone to have their very own similar twins. Nonetheless, when you have fraternal twins (non-identical) in your loved ones, your possibilities of conceiving twins rise. If there are fraternal twins on each dad and mom’ or egg or sperm donor’s sides, your odds for twins go up even greater.

A historical past of fraternal twins on the maternal aspect of the household signifies the next probability of ovulating multiple egg per cycle.


Folks with the next weight usually tend to conceive twins than folks with a decrease weight. Further physique fats sometimes results in elevated ranges of estrogen, and better ranges of estrogen can result in overstimulation of the ovaries. As a substitute of releasing only one egg at ovulation, the ovaries could launch two or extra. Whereas the percentages of twins could improve, different elements related to being chubby could make it usually tougher to conceive.


People who find themselves taller than common usually tend to have twins. One research discovered that folks averaging 164.8 cm in peak (about 5’4.8″) had been extra prone to conceive twins than folks averaging 161.8 cm (about 5’3.7″). Why this occurs is not clear, however one concept is that higher vitamin (which can result in extra peak) is partially behind the elevated fee of twins.

Weight loss plan

The particular meals you eat or do not eat can also impression your possibilities of having twins. Whereas analysis remains to be ongoing, some research have discovered that individuals who eat lots of dairy merchandise usually tend to conceive twins.

One research discovered that vegans had been considerably much less prone to have twins than people who consumed dairy, with vegans having a number of births simply 20% as typically. In line with the research authors, “Diets together with dairy merchandise, particularly in areas the place progress hormone is given to cattle, seem to boost the possibilities of a number of pregnancies attributable to ovarian stimulation.”

One other research discovered an affiliation between consuming yams and the next twin fee. Just like the impression of consuming dairy, it is theorized that yams additionally could stimulate a number of ovulation.


Individuals who conceive whereas breastfeeding usually tend to have twins than people who find themselves not breastfeeding. It is true that breastfeeding may also suppress fertility and stop being pregnant, particularly throughout a child’s first six months if the child is solely breastfed. Nonetheless, it’s potential to get pregnant when breastfeeding—and with twins!

One research discovered the speed of twins to be 11.4% amongst breastfeeding folks as in comparison with simply 1.1% amongst non-breastfeeding folks.

Different Components

Twins are extra widespread in individuals who have carried many pregnancies and have giant households. In the meantime, Black folks additionally usually tend to conceive twins than white folks, whereas Asian persons are much less prone to conceive twins.

Why Fertility Therapies Improve Charges of Twinning

One of many major causes for the growing fee of a number of births is the expanded use of fertility therapies. In actual fact, in response to the CDC, over 30% of twins and 75% of triplet and better order a number of births are actually attributed to utilizing fertility therapies.

Fraternal Twinning On account of Fertility Therapies

Fraternal twins are extra widespread with fertility therapies as a result of elevated ovulation is commonly stimulated as a part of these therapies. This leads to the next incidence of two or extra ovum being launched and fertilized in a single cycle, leading to fraternal twins. Moreover, throughout in vitro fertilization (IVF), multiple embryo is commonly implanted, which additionally can lead to twins or higher-order multiples.

Similar Twinning On account of Fertility Therapies

In line with one research, similar twins made up 0.95% of the pregnancies conceived with fertility therapy. That is double the final inhabitants’s threat. Researchers don’t but perceive why utilizing fertility therapy results in extra similar twins.

One concept is that the tradition embryos are positioned in in the course of the IVF course of will increase the incidence of similar twinning. One other concept is that therapies utilizing gonadotropins (medicines that stimulate ovulation) result in the elevated threat of similar twins.

What Are the Odds of Having Twins?

Fertility therapies that increase ovulation can result in twins, triplets, or higher-order multiples. Conceiving multiples is a possible threat of fertility therapies and one that may probably be lowered with cautious monitoring and focused therapy reminiscent of single embryo switch with IVF therapy or utilizing the bottom potential efficient dosage when treating with gonadotropins.

Not all therapies for infertility improve your odds of conceiving twins, however most do. Listed below are a number of the therapies which will result in twins.

   General Clomid and Femera Gonadotropins  IVF (underneath 35) IVF (ages 35–37)  IVF (ages 38–40)
 Twins  3.21%  5–12%  As much as 30% 12.1% 9.1%  5.3%
Triplets and Greater-Order Multiples   0.1% <1%  As much as 5%   

Clomid and Femera have the bottom fee of twins, starting from 5% to 12%. The speed of triplets and higher-order multiples with these medicines is underneath 1%. Gonadotropins, whether or not used with or with out IUI therapy, have the best fee of twins and higher-order multiples.

In line with some research, as much as 30% of pregnancies conceived with gonadotropins result in multiples. Most of those pregnancies are twin pregnancies, however as much as 5% are triplet or higher-order pregnancies.

Opposite to in style perception, IVF therapy isn’t the principle supply of triplet and higher-order pregnancies. Information collected by the CDC signifies that the speed of IVF-conceived triplets in 2014 was 1.5% of pregnancies (however solely 0.9% of reside births attributable to being pregnant loss).

IVF twins are comparatively widespread, with the dual fee highest for folks youthful than 35 at 12.1% per switch in 2014. The IVF twin fee is decrease for folks over age 35 at 9.1% for folks aged 35 to 37 and 5.3% for folks ages 38 to 40, probably as a result of general decreased success fee because the gestational dad or mum ages.

The speed of a number of births elevated and peaked in the course of the Nineties however has been declining over the previous decade. The share of triplet and better order pregnancies has dropped 36% since 2004.

What Are the Odds of Triplets or Quadruples?

Anybody making an attempt to conceive will discover their possibilities of having higher-order multiples a lot decrease than twins or singleton births. With out fertility therapies, the percentages of conceiving triplets spontaneously is round 1 in 1,800. For quadruplets, the percentages are estimated to be round 1 in 729,000.

With fertility therapies, the possibilities of a higher-order being pregnant rise considerably. In 2019, for instance, the speed for triplet and higher-order multiples was 87.7 per 100,000 births (0.877 per 1,000 births). Simply over three-quarters of triplets and higher-order multiples are estimated to be the results of fertility therapies.

A Phrase From Verywell

Your possibilities of having twins will rely not simply on whether or not you bear fertility therapy to conceive but in addition on your loved ones historical past, race, age, and lots of different elements. These elements are additionally cumulative. In different phrases, a tall individual with a household historical past of fraternal twins is extra prone to conceive twins throughout fertility therapies than a brief individual with none household historical past of twins.

The dual and a number of charges additionally range from fertility clinic to clinic. Twin charges differ based mostly on how fastidiously they observe ovulation stimulation throughout fertility drug use and what number of embryos they routinely switch throughout IVF.

Whereas having twins could sound just like the form of two-for-one deal any couple would like to have after experiencing infertility, it actually is often greatest to purpose for one wholesome child. Your physician can cut back the percentages of multiples with cautious monitoring and single-embryo switch throughout IVF.

Nonetheless, if you happen to do conceive twins or extra, know that good prenatal care can cut back your threat of issues. There are additionally many optimistic advantages to having twins.

Often Requested Questions

  • What are the possibilities of having twins in the event that they run in your loved ones?

    A household historical past of similar twins won’t essentially improve your possibilities of having them your self, though the offspring of male similar twins usually tend to have them. Nonetheless, you usually tend to have twins if there are fraternal twins in your loved ones. If there are fraternal twins on each your mom’s and father’s sides of the household, your possibilities of having fraternal twins your self are even greater.

  • How can I improve my probability of getting twins?

    Most of the elements that improve your odds of getting twins are out of your management, like your loved ones historical past and peak, for instance. However there are different methods to enhance your odds if you happen to’re hoping for multiples. Components that improve the prospect of twins embody: consuming excessive quantities of dairy meals, being over the age of 30, and conceiving whereas breastfeeding. Many fertility medication together with Clomid, Gonal-F, and Follistim additionally improve the percentages of a twin being pregnant.

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By Rachel Gurevich, RN

Rachel Gurevich is a fertility advocate, creator, and recipient of The Hope Award for Achievement, from Resolve: The Nationwide Infertility Affiliation. She is an expert member of the Affiliation of Well being Care Journalists and has been writing about girls’s well being since 2001. Rachel makes use of her personal experiences with infertility to put in writing compassionate, sensible, and supportive articles.

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