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Can You Get Pregnant With out Having a Interval?

Whereas you will get pregnant with out having a interval, it’s not going. In actual fact, for those who’re not getting your intervals, it is a good purpose to see your gynecologist. There are some regular—and a few not-so-normal—causes this may happen equivalent to breastfeeding, drugs, being underweight, contraception, and extra.

The secret’s to seek out out why your intervals have been absent and what you are able to do about it. Learn on to be taught extra about amenorrhea (or the shortage of a interval) together with why you might not be having common menstrual cycles and what may be achieved about it, particularly if you wish to get pregnant.

Your Interval and Getting Pregnant

Your interval is the obvious signal that your physique’s reproductive system is a minimum of making an attempt to function. It marks the top of 1 menstrual cycle. The feminine reproductive system is advanced, however here’s a fast and easy breakdown of what occurs each month (for those who’re getting your intervals).

  • At first of your month-to-month cycle, particular hormones inform your ovaries to begin creating an egg. The egg, or oocyte, is contained inside a follicle. This follicle is sort of a tiny bubble. It incorporates fluid, vitamins, and the immature egg.
  • For the primary half of your cycle (about 12 to 14 days), the hormones stimulate the follicle and egg to develop. Ultimately, the egg reaches maturity.
  • Midway via your cycle (at about day 14, although this may range). the follicle bursts open, and the egg is launched from the ovary. That is known as ovulation. The egg solely lives for 12 to 24 hours.
  • For the second half of your cycle (days 15 to 25, roughly), after ovulation, the hormone progesterone triggers the liner of your uterus to organize for a fertilized egg, or embryo. The liner of the uterus known as the endometrium. Throughout this time, endometrium will construct up, turning into thicker and altering its physiological construction to be excellent for an embryo.

What occurs subsequent relies on whether or not you’ve gotten have had sexual activity inside 5 days of ovulation. When you’ve got, there could also be sperm ready within the reproductive system. Sperm can survive within the feminine reproductive system for as much as 5 days. Sexual activity on the precise day of ovulation, and even the day after, may result in conception. If a sperm cell fertilizes the egg, you’ll turn into pregnant.

Should you conceived, an embryo will implant itself into the uterine lining between seven and 10 days after ovulation. This can set off completely different hormones to organize the physique to nurture a being pregnant.

Should you didn’t conceive, the hormone progesterone will start to drop. Reducing ranges of progesterone will ultimately sign the endometrium to interrupt down and expel itself. That is your interval.

Because the endometrium is expelled, your physique begins releasing hormones to set off the subsequent month’s ovulation, assuming you’re having common cycles. Your interval marks the ending of 1 cycle.

Should you get your interval, it’s doubtless (however not sure) that you just ovulated throughout the previous two weeks. Ovulation is required to get pregnant. Should you’re getting your intervals repeatedly, you might be almost certainly ovulating repeatedly.

Can You Ovulate And not using a Interval?

In case you are not getting your intervals, you might be in all probability not ovulating repeatedly. There are a variety of causes this may occasionally happen (extra on that beneath). Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply you received’t all of the sudden ovulate with out getting a interval first.

As talked about above, menstruation marks the top of 1 cycle. If ovulation happens, and also you don’t conceive, you’ll get your interval. However let’s say you might be at present not having common cycles. You may, relying on the rationale why you’re not menstruating repeatedly, all of the sudden begin a menstrual cycle.

The finish of your cycle is marked by your interval beginning, however there aren’t any apparent indicators that your physique has begun a cycle. You possibly can ovulate and never realize it.

You’ll solely know you ovulated for those who get your interval or, for those who had sexual activity inside your fertile window, you get pregnant. You might not notice you’re pregnant for some time, although, because you haven’t been getting your intervals. You received’t have a interval to be “late” for those who haven’t been getting one.

Why You Could Not Be Getting Your Interval

The medical time period for an absence of menstrual cycles is amenorrhea. It may have many causes.

Being pregnant

When you’ve got had common intervals, after which all of the sudden cease getting your interval, you could be pregnant. That is doubtless the very first thing you considered when your interval was late, and you’ve got doubtless already taken a being pregnant check.

However what in case your being pregnant check was detrimental? May you continue to be pregnant? Sure. It’s uncommon, however it’s doable to be pregnant and get a detrimental being pregnant check. See your physician for follow-up and affirmation, and till you already know in any other case, act as for those who’re pregnant (keep away from alcoholic drinks, for instance).


Completely breastfeeding a child can stop your intervals from coming. How lengthy will you go and not using a interval when breastfeeding? It relies on how typically you might be breastfeeding and your private biology.

Beginning Management

Some types of contraception can cease your intervals. Your physician ought to have instructed you if this was doable after they prescribed it.

If you wish to attempt to conceive, how lengthy will it take on your intervals to return after you cease taking the contraception relies on your physique and your contraception alternative. With Depo-Provera, often known as the “contraception shot,” menstrual cycles are inclined to return about six months after the final injection (for those who had been receiving the injections for a minimum of one yr).

Different Treatment

Contraception isn’t the one remedy that may cease your intervals. Different drugs which will cease your cycles embrace some psychiatric medication, chemotherapy, allergy drugs, and blood strain drugs.

Weight problems

Weight problems is without doubt one of the commonest causes of infertility. Ladies who’re overweight could expertise irregular menstrual cycles and, in some circumstances, their intervals could cease fully. Dropping pounds could restart or regulate your cycles.


With weight problems, an excessive amount of fats throws off the traditional hormonal steadiness within the physique. In case you are underweight, the lack of fats can throw your reproductive cycle off. If that is the issue, bringing your weight up ought to restart your cycles.

Train or Lack of Physique Fats

You might be an athlete who’s neither over- nor underweight (primarily based on physique mass index). Nonetheless, it’s not your weight that basically impacts your reproductive cycle—it’s the quantity of fats.

Athletes could have a excessive proportion of muscle and a low proportion of physique fats. This will trigger their menstrual cycles to be irregular and even cease fully. Extreme train may trigger your intervals to turn into irregular or cease.


Stress could cause you to skip a interval or two. Nonetheless, it’s extremely uncommon for stress alone to trigger your menstrual cycle to cease for months.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a standard reason for feminine infertility. One of many main signs of PCOS is irregular or absent intervals.

Major Ovarian Insufficiency

Also called untimely ovarian failure, main ovarian insufficiency (POI) could cause irregular or absent intervals. Generally, an individual with POI will go months and even years and not using a interval, solely to have them restart with out clarification. POI additionally was once known as “early menopause,” however that is deceptive. After menopause, menstruation by no means returns.

Hormonal Imbalance

Whereas PCOS and POI could cause ovulation issues, so can different hormonal circumstances. Athyroid imbalance, endometriosis, an underlying untreated medical situation (like diabetes), and hyperprolactinemia can result in irregular or absent intervals.

Uterine Issues

Structural issues or scarring of the uterus could cause your intervals to be irregular or cease fully. This may increasingly happen after a dilation and curettage (D&C) or uterine surgical procedure.


That is typically the primary worry girls have after they all of the sudden cease getting their interval, even when they’re years and years away from it turning into a actuality. Whereas early menopause is feasible, until you might be 45 years outdated or older, it’s unlikely menopause is the trigger on your lack of intervals.

If You Need to Get Pregnant

Docs often advocate making an attempt to conceive for one yr (or six months, for those who’re age 35 or older) earlier than getting a fertility analysis. Nonetheless, this doesn’t apply if in case you have indicators or signs of a fertility downside. That would come with amenorrhea.

Should you’re not getting your intervals, you could be coping with infertility. Just be sure you and your companion are evaluated. There could also be multiple purpose you aren’t conceiving, and male infertility is extra widespread than you could notice.

Relying on why you aren’t ovulating, and if there are different fertility issues, remedy prospects embrace way of life change, weight reduction or achieve, or remedy change. You may additionally want remedy for an underlying medical situation, or fertility remedies.

If You Do Not Need to Get Pregnant

Should you don’t need to get pregnant, you shouldn’t depend on your lack of menstrual cycles as contraception. That is true even for those who’ve been beforehand recognized as infertile (until your physician tells you in any other case).

As talked about above, relying on why you’re not getting your intervals, it’s doable to ovulate and never get a interval first as a sign that you just’re fertile once more. Speak to your physician about one of the best contraceptive alternative for you.

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