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Bristol Stool Chart: Varieties of Poop

How are you going to describe your bowel actions (BMs) to your physician with out bringing in a pattern?

The Bristol Stool Scale is a option to discuss shapes and forms of poop, what medical doctors name stools. It is also called the Meyers Scale.

poop chart

The chart is designed to assist medical doctors measure the time it takes for meals to move by your physique and depart as waste. The form and type of your poop might also level your physician towards a prognosis of some digestive issues.

  • The perfect stool is mostly sort 3 or 4, straightforward to move with out being too watery.
  • If yours is sort 1 or 2, you are most likely constipated.
  • Sorts 5, 6, and seven have a tendency towards diarrhea.

Ken Heaton, MD, from the College of Bristol, developed the chart in 1997 with the assistance of 66 volunteers. They modified their diets, swallowed particular marker pellets, and saved a diary about their BMs: weight, form, and the way usually they went.

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