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Breastfeeding and Over-the-Counter Ache Drugs

Ache after childbirth and through the postpartum interval is quite common as your physique recovers from being pregnant and supply. It is particularly frequent to have some ache through the first few days and weeks after you will have your child you probably have a c-section or an episiotomy. Afterpains, headache, or sore breasts can even trigger discomfort.

When you’re breastfeeding, you could be questioning in the event you might or ought to take one thing to ease the ache. This is what you’ll want to know concerning the security of taking over-the-counter painkillers whilst you’re breastfeeding.

Motrin and Advil

Motrin and Advil are model names for the treatment often called ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). NSAIDs can deliver down an elevated temperature, scale back swelling within the physique, and relieve ache.

Makes use of

Ibuprofen is finest often called an over-the-counter treatment for the therapy of fever, muscle ache, and complications. Docs additionally prescribe it for a lot of makes use of.

Motrin is likely one of the most prescribed medicines for ache reduction after childbirth.

Ibuprofen is used to deal with the ache and discomfort related to uterine contractions (afterpains), an episiotomy, or a c-section. Moreover, it may well assist to alleviate the ache of engorged breasts, plugged milk ducts, mastitis, and sore nipples. Ibuprofen can also be used to deal with infants and youngsters. Your kid’s pediatrician could prescribe ibuprofen in case your child will get sick or develops a fever. (In case your child is lower than 6 months previous, ask your physician earlier than giving OTC ibuprofen.)

Security When Breastfeeding

Motrin and Advil are thought-about protected for breastfeeding mothers to make use of. Truly, ibuprofen might be the very best treatment to decide on for ache reduction whilst you’re breastfeeding. Although this treatment does enter into the breast milk, the quantity that passes via to the child is so small that it’s practically undetectable. This small quantity would solely be a fraction of the typical dose that your kid’s well being care supplier would prescribe to your child for the therapy of a fever.

Motrin can also be a most well-liked ache treatment for nursing girls as a result of, in contrast to narcotic medicines, ibuprofen is not going to make you or your child sleepy.


The advisable grownup dose of ibuprofen is 200 to 400 milligrams each 4 to 6 hours. Nonetheless, speak to your physician earlier than taking any medicines, and at all times comply with your physician’s suggestions.

Facet Results and Warnings

Ibuprofen is a protected treatment with virtually no negative effects reported. Nonetheless, even with the most secure medicines, there are at all times negative effects that it’s best to be careful for.

  • When you expertise nausea, dizziness, or abdomen ache, contact your physician.
  • In case your child develops diarrhea or vomiting, cease taking ibuprofen and make contact with your child’s physician instantly.


Tylenol is the model title for the treatment often called acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is an analgesic and an antipyretic. Analgesics relieve ache, and antipyretics are used to deliver down an elevated physique temperature.

Makes use of

Tylenol is a prescription treatment, however it is usually accessible over-the-counter. It’s generally used to deal with ache, headache, and fever. After childbirth, acetaminophen is usually prescribed to assist relieve postpartum ache.

Moreover, it may well deal with the discomfort related to a few of the frequent issues of breastfeeding together with sore nipples, breast engorgement, plugged milk ducts, and mastitis. Tylenol can also be used to deal with delicate ache and fever in infants and youngsters.

Security When Breastfeeding

It’s thought-about protected to take Tylenol if you end up breastfeeding. A small quantity of this treatment does switch into breast milk, however wholesome, full-term newborns can deal with it very properly.


The advisable grownup dose of Tylenol is 325 milligrams to 650 milligrams each 4 to 6 hours. Nonetheless, it’s best to at all times seek the advice of your physician for correct dosing directions earlier than taking any treatment.

Facet Results and Warnings

All the time talk about using any treatment together with your doctor earlier than beginning it, particularly in the event you or your little one have any well being points or in case your little one is born prematurely. The extreme use of Tylenol may be harmful. Tylenol shouldn’t be taken in massive doses or for various days except your physician instructs you in any other case.

When the advisable doses of acetaminophen are used, negative effects are unusual.

Nonetheless, as with all medicines, negative effects are attainable. In nursing moms, diarrhea, stomach points, and liver toxicity have been famous when Tylenol is taken in excessive doses or when it’s taken usually over a protracted time frame.

And, though uncommon, if a mom takes extra Tylenol than is advisable, their little one could develop abdomen issues, diarrhea, rash, or liver issues. If any negative effects are suspected, cease taking Tylenol instantly and make contact with your physician and your child’s physician instantly.

Aleve and Naprosyn (Naproxen)

Aleve, Naprosyn, and Anaprox are the model names for the treatment often called naproxen. Naproxen is an NSAID that may relieve ache and scale back a temperature. Nonetheless, naproxen stays lively within the physique longer than different NSAIDs and isn’t typically advisable for postpartum use. In a pinch, a single dose is protected, however it isn’t routinely used.

Makes use of

Naproxen is used to deliver down a fever and to deal with ache, muscle aches, and irritation within the physique.

Security When Breastfeeding

Naproxen is taken into account protected for infrequent or short-term use throughout breastfeeding. The switch of the treatment into breast milk is low.

Since naproxen might doubtlessly trigger negative effects within the child, it shouldn’t be used greater than often and never longer than one week. If attainable, ibuprofen is a better option for ache reduction whilst you’re breastfeeding.


The advisable grownup dose of naproxen is 220 milligrams to 440 milligrams two instances a day or each 12 hours. Nonetheless, it’s best to seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking any treatment once you’re breastfeeding.

Facet Results and Warnings

Focus on using naproxen together with your physician. Grownup negative effects of naproxen embrace abdomen upset, heartburn, headache, nausea, dizziness, ringing within the ears, and rash.

  • Cease utilizing naproxen if it causes any drowsiness in your child.
  • Watch the child for abdomen points resembling vomiting and diarrhea.
  • In a single case report, naproxen was linked to bleeding and anemia in a 7-day-old toddler.

Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid)

Aspirin is the frequent title for the treatment often called acetylsalicylic acid (ASA). Aspirin is an analgesic that may assist to alleviate ache. Nonetheless, it isn’t advisable for breastfeeding moms.

Makes use of

Aspirin is likely one of the mostly used ache relievers. It’s taken to alleviate complications, muscle aches, and joint ache. It may possibly additionally assist stop the blood from clotting and decrease the chance of coronary heart assault or stroke.

Security When Breastfeeding

Aspirin is related to Reye’s syndrome in infants and youngsters when it is given on to a toddler. Pediatricians advise towards its use in breastfeeding mothers. The potential for Reyes and the provision of safer options make its use undesirable when breastfeeding. Motrin or Tylenol are the popular selections for ache reduction for breastfeeding mothers.


The advisable grownup dose of aspirin for ache reduction is 325 milligrams to 650 milligrams each 4 to 6 hours. Adults on low-dose aspirin remedy could take 81 milligrams a day. Newborns, infants, and youngsters shouldn’t take aspirin.

Aspirin can also be not advisable for folks with sure well being situations, so be sure you seek the advice of your physician earlier than utilizing it.

Facet Results and Warnings

The supply of safer options makes using aspirin undesirable for breastfeeding moms. Aspirin can also skinny out your blood and improve your danger of bleeding. Massive doses or the overuse of aspirin in adults may cause gastric upset, ulcers, anemia, and different well being issues. It may possibly additionally trigger issues on your child.

Aspirin is related to Reye’s syndrome in youngsters who’ve a viral sickness, so it shouldn’t be used if the child is sick with a virus such because the flu. Though uncommon, aspirin may cause bruising on the child’s pores and skin or blood within the urine or poop.

A Phrase From Verywell

All people handles ache in another way. Whether or not you are in ache proper after childbirth otherwise you develop a headache or breast problem weeks later, you do not have to endure simply since you’re breastfeeding. There are protected pain-relieving choices accessible to you. Speak to your physician about selecting the very best treatment for the ache you’re experiencing.

You would possibly solely want one dose of Motrin to get you thru delicate discomfort, or you could want a prescription to deal with a long-term problem. The essential factor is to alleviate your ache. Once you’re in ache, it is harder to breastfeed efficiently and maintain your new child. However with the precise reduction, you may really feel properly once more—and get again to specializing in caring for your loved ones.

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