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E book Overview: Urdu and Northern Pakistani Languages

‘Languages of Northern Pakistan — Essays in reminiscence of Carla Radloff’
Editors: Joan L. G. Baart, Henrik Liljegren, and Thomas E. Payne
Publishers: Oxford College Press, Pakistan

‘Farzand-e-Urdu — Syed Ruhul Amin’

Compiler: Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Qadri – Writer: Izzat Aademy, Gujrat

Carla Faye Radloff (1949-2012), a famed American linguist, in whose reminiscence the anthology of essays titled ‘Languages of Northern Pakistan’ has been compiled and revealed, was a profession member of SIL (Summer season Institute of Linguistics) Worldwide.

Her affiliation with Western Asia dates again to 1982 whereafter in 1986, she converted to SIL Worldwide. ‘Carla made invaluable contributions to dialect survey and the examine of bilingualism and language use in Pakistan, to the methodology of sociolinguistic survey on the whole, and in addition to the linguistic examine and documentation of the Shina language of Gilgit, Pakistan.’ She labored as SIL’s group chief in northern Pakistan from 1999 to 2006.

The second guide titled ‘Farzand-e-Urdu’ is an anthology of complimentary essays authored
by lecturers and students of Urdu language and literature to focus on the providers of well-
identified litterateur and Urdu fanatic Syed Ruhul Amin, to the reason for Urdu as a (1) literary language, (2) lingua franca, and (3) nationwide language.

‘Languages of Northern Pakistan’
‘This guide is a singular assortment of papers on the languages and cultures within the northern
areas of Pakistan and the encompassing areas. In a single quantity the editors have compiled the work of quite a lot of nationwide and worldwide students, lengthy involved with the linguistic elements of the various languages mentioned right here.’

The three editors of the guide occur to be linguists and researchers of excellent fame. Dr. Tariq Rahman has written the foreword to the guide highlighting its vital options. Based on him ‘a lot of the chapters (on this quantity) are by students and concerning the topics to which Carla devoted her working life — the languages of northern Pakistan’.

Within the preface to the guide, the editors have referred to the abounding cultural and linguistic range within the mountainous northern areas of Pakistan and the adjoining areas in Kashmir and northeastern Afghanistan.

The upcoming menace of modernization has tended to hazard the natural vitality, so to say, of those cultures and languages. Therefore, the crucial want for ‘documenting and describing’ them. Thus, the quantity is meant to current ‘a cross part of present ongoing work specializing in languages of northern Pakistan’.

The guide incorporates twenty articles associated to the syntactical mechanics, usages, and linguistics of Burushaski, Kalasha, Ormuri, Wakhi, Domaaki, Gojri, Urdu, Shina, and Neelam Valley languages/dialects. Authors of those articles embrace names like Gregory D. S. Anderson, Paul Arsenault, Alexei Kochetov, Joan L. G. Baart, Jeremy Hawbaker, Elena Bashir, Peter E. Hook, Fazal Amin Beg, John Mock, Mir Ali Wakhani, Georg Buddruss, Almuth Degener, Jan Heegard, Nabaig, Wayne E. Losey, Beate Lubberger, Carla F. Radloff, Thomas E. Payne, Tariq Rahman, Khawaja A. Rehman, Ruth Laila Schmidt, Hugh van Skyhawk, Richard F. Strand, Bertil Tikkanen, and Claus Peter Zoller.

The guide includes an anthology of articles and evaluations pertaining to the particular person and work
of Syed Nurul Amin, a famed Urdu scholar, column author, and fanatic. Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Qadri, himself a distinguished litterateur, has compiled the work which features a teeming number of essays, evaluations, commentaries, letters, profiles and dialogues referring to its illustrious protagonist.

Mahmood Sham, Dr. Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Najmul Uroos Faruqui and Dr. Shabbir
Ahmad Qadri have added introductory notes to the quantity explaining its raison d’etre and so on.

Dr. Jamil Jalibi, Dr. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, Dr. Farman Fatehpuri, Iftikhar Arif, Dr. Waheed
Qureshi, Dr. Syed Moinur Rahman, Dr. Moinuddin Aqeel, Prof. Sharif Kunjahi, Dr. Rashid
Amjad, Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, Dr. Tahir Taunsvi, Dr. Anwaar Ahmad, Dr. Aslam
Adeeb, Dr. Syed Shahid Hassan Rizvi, Dr. Saeed Murtaza Zaidi, Dr. Syed Shabihul Hassan, Dr. Rubina Tareen, Dr. Abdul Karim Khalid, Dr. Aqeela Bashir, Dr. Rabia Sarfaraz, Dr. Abdul Aziz Malik, Prof. Majid Mushtaq, Prof. Kalim Ehsan Butt, Farrukh Zahra Gilani, Prof. Munirul Haq Ka’abi. Dr. M. Fakhrul Haq Noori, Dr. Sadaf Naqvi, Dr. Salim Akhtar, Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal, Syed Afsar Sajid, Dr. Najeeb Jamal, Dr. Riazul Haq Tariq, Riaz Mufti Advocte, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Shahid, Sa’adia Raashid, Malik Nawaz Ahmad Awan, Khalid Yazdani, Rauf Zafar, Khalid Mehmood Saqib, Tariq Sultanpuri, Shahzad Beg et al, are some famous contributors to the quantity.

Of their write-ups, commentaries, interviews, and evaluations, they’ve soulfully lauded the works and achievements of Syed Ruhul Amin as a zealous however dedicated advocate of Urdu as a nationwide language.

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