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Your rhomboid muscular tissues join your shoulder blade to your ribs and backbone. In case your rhomboid muscular tissues damage, you’ll really feel it in your again and shoulders.

What Is the Rhomboid Muscle?

The rhomboid muscular tissues are a big group of muscular tissues in your higher again. They’re made up of the rhomboid main and the rhomboid minor. 

These and different muscular tissues kind the shoulder girdle that holds your shoulder blade and shoulder steady. The rhomboid muscular tissues additionally:

  • Pull again your shoulder blade
  • Elevate and rotate your shoulder blade
  • Provide help to transfer your arm overhead
  • Provide help to throw
  • Provide help to pull
  • Provide help to rotate your torso‌

Rhomboid Muscle Ache Signs

You’ll often really feel rhomboid muscle ache as aches or pressure in your higher again between your shoulder and your backbone. ‌

Signs of rhomboid muscle ache could embody:

  • Aching ache
  • Stiffness
  • Tightness 
  • Pinching
  • Capturing ache
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pins and needles
  • Ache with clicking or popping sounds
  • Painful respiratory

Causes of Rhomboid Muscle Ache

Ache in your rhomboid muscle or your higher again and shoulders will be attributable to many issues, together with an harm, a pressure, or overuse. 

Rhomboid muscle ache can occur from:

  • Dangerous posture, particularly sitting hunched at your pc for too lengthy
  • Rowing motions
  • Pulling motions
  • Repetitive motions 
  • Throwing motions 
  • Pushups
  • Understanding your shoulders and again with weights
  • Harm

Some well being circumstances may trigger rhomboid muscle ache. In case you have joint issues in your shoulder, the encircling muscular tissues is perhaps affected. 

Myositis. This situation may cause muscle weak point and irritation. It often exhibits up first in your shoulders and hips. 

Polymyalgia rheumatica. This can be a dysfunction that causes shoulder and hip ache and stiffness. It usually impacts folks over age 50. The ache and stiffness could also be worse within the mornings and have an effect on each side of your physique.‌

Rheumatoid arthritis. That is an autoimmune illness that causes your immune system to assault your joints. It often causes lots of ache and swelling and may result in joint deformities. Rheumatoid arthritis can have an effect on your shoulders, which could additionally influence your rhomboid muscular tissues.‌

Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative bone illness that causes lack of cartilage. This will trigger ache and stiffness. You may not have a lot motion in your shoulder, which may trigger discomfort within the surrounding muscular tissues.

Therapy for Rhomboid Muscle Ache

A light rhomboid pressure can heal in as little as a couple of weeks. A extra critical harm, pressure, or tear can take longer to heal.‌

There are some issues you are able to do at dwelling to assist handle your ache:

  • Ice your shoulder
  • Alternate ice with warmth packs if there’s no swelling
  • Use ache relievers like acetaminophen
  • Use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine
  • Maintain your shoulder and arm down 
  • Do mild stretches
  • Sit up 
  • Use a topical ache cream
  • Get a therapeutic massage‌

You may as well strive stretching out your muscular tissues with totally different methods:

Tennis ball. Lay down on the ground and place a tennis ball beneath your shoulder. Gently roll your shoulder forwards and backwards throughout the ball. Change positions and repeat. 

Foam curler. Lay on the ground and roll your shoulder over a foam curler. This may assist loosen and therapeutic massage the muscular tissues.‌

Self-massager device. You should buy an electrical or battery-operated device to therapeutic massage your shoulder. Don’t use excessive settings that may make it too painful.‌

Heat-up stretches. If you’re figuring out or doing sports activities, you possibly can assist shield your muscular tissues by warming up and stretching earlier than and after train. In case your muscular tissues are sore from a current exercise, permit them to relaxation and concentrate on a unique set of muscular tissues. 

Taking breaks. When you work at a pc and sit many of the day, take a lot of breaks. Arise, transfer round, and do some stretches. 

Higher posture. Discover an workplace chair that has a tall again and sit all the way in which again along with your shoulders towards the chair. Maintaining your ft on a stool may enable you hold good posture.

When to See Your Physician for Rhomboid Muscle Ache

In case you have shoulder ache or higher again ache that doesn’t appear to get higher, see your physician or bodily therapist. 

In case you have any of the next signs, see your physician immediately:

  • You may’t transfer your arm
  • Your shoulder or arm is swollen
  • Your arm or shoulder is numb
  • The ache is out of the blue extreme
  • You’ve got pins and needles that don’t go away
  • Your shoulder or arm feels scorching or chilly
  • You are feeling sick
  • You’ve got a fever
  • You had an accident and you’ve got extreme ache‌

These signs might imply that you’ve got a extra major problem like a damaged bone or a critical muscle tear. 

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