Who Is Todd Beamer’s Daughter, Morgan Kay Beamer?


Morgan Kay Beamer is a well-known American woman who is the daughter of Todd Beamer, a brave man who gave his all to prevent the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Morgan is a private person. She doesn’t seem active on any social media platform except for Facebook, and her Instagram account is also not known by our sources yet. 

Despite the fact that she is leading a private life, it nonetheless reveals a few things about Morgan Kay.

According to some sources, she is a Cranbury School graduate from Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Todd and Lisa’s daughter is a student at Wheaton College and defensive midfielder for the school’s soccer team.

She had 21 appearances and 18 starts in 2021, with one goal, the game-victor against North Central in the CCIW Tournament title match.

Her other accomplishments include a team-high four assists, six absolute focuses, supporting the Thunder defense in keeping five clean sheets throughout the season, and being named to the second-group All-Conference team.

Morgan tries to follow in her late father’s footsteps as a contender.

Morgan Kay Beamer- What Makes Her Birth So Special?

Morgan Kay Beamer is the daughter of Todd Morgan Beamer and Lisa Beamer.

Morgan, the daughter of Todd and his wife, Lisa Brosious Beamer, has never met her father because she was born four months after 9/11.

Morgan Kay Beamer, Todd and Lisa’s third child, was born on January 9, 2002, in New Jersey.

As previously stated, it was roughly four months after her father’s death on September 1, 2001.

She is 20 years old as of 2022 and was born under the sign of Cancer. Morgan Kay Beamer is a White woman.

At the time of her birth, she weighed around 7 pounds and was approx 21 inches long in height.

Her name was kept after her dad’s name, as Morgan was her father’s middle name. 

Her fatherly grandparents, David and Peggy, are Jacksonville Beach occupants. 

Morgan’s granddad is a resigned finance manager who composed the prelude for a 2011 book by Jacksonville serve Gene Youngblood.

Her mom, Lisa Brosious Beamer, is a local of Albany, New York, who experienced childhood in Shrub Oak, north of New York City. 

She is an American author and an activist. 

Lisa Beamer became a strong and brave lady after the death of her husband and kept the family united. She struggled a lot while pregnant after her husband’s death.

Todd’s girl’s maternal granddad Paul was an examination physicist, while her grandma Lorraine Brosious was a Christian guide.

Morgan seems to be her late father, Todd, with darkish hair and a split piece in her jawline.

Morgan has two elder siblings, David and Drew. The two were born while their father was alive and lived together as a family. 

Her oldest brother, David, who was three years old in Sep 2001, later turned into a quarterback in the football crew at Wheaton College. 

Morgan’s other brother, Andrew, who was one during his dad’s demise, is likewise an understudy at Wheaton College and is in a soccer group as a midfielder.

Who Was Morgan’s Father? What happened To Morgan’s Father On 9/11?

Morgan’s dad was one of the travelers who endeavored to recapture control of the airplane from the criminals.

Lisa was carrying Morgan in her womb when her husband lost his life in one of the Sept. 11 fear assaults on United Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field after he and a band of daring travelers tried to overcome their hijackers.

Morgan’s dad, Todd, was a compelling man in driving the travelers of the United Flight 93 to battle with the robbers for control of the jetliner.

As a result, the plane plunged to the ground instead of hitting its planned objective.

Unfortunately, everyone on the plane expired. 

Morgan’s dad, Todd, was a rising star at Oracle’s product organization. 

Todd had loaded onto United Flight 93 in Newark, New Jersey, for a work excursion to San Francisco on September 11, 2001. 

What Was The Last Message Of Morgan’s Father To His Family?

When Morgan’s dad realized what incident had occurred, he went after the telephone on the seatback before him and attempted to call his wife, but she didnt answer.

He advised the GTE administrator to call his wife and children and let them know he loved them.

How Did Morgan’s Life Affect after Her Father’s passing? How Did Her Mother Cope-Up With The Entire Situation?

Despite the fact that Morgan didn’t get to see her dad, her mom ensured Todd’s memory for the kids stayed in their home. 

The mother of three generally kept his photographs for her children. 

However, Todd is generally in her thoughts; Lisa said she does whatever it takes not to remember on the occasions of Sept. 11. 

Lisa Beamer has turned into a public figure after her husband’s death. 

She did many things to keep her husband alive in people’s hearts after the heartbreaking incident of his death in the plane crash. 

After the Sep 11 occurrence, Lisa, alongside Todd’s friends, laid out the Todd Beamer Foundation to help every one of the kids who lost a parent in the incident of Sept. 11. 

Lisa composed a digital book recounting her husband’s story named “We should Roll.” 

In the long run, she patched up 200 media appearances in around a year to build cognizance and money for the Todd Beamer Basis.

 Lisa Beamer furthermore showed up on shows like “Larry King Life,” “Great Morning America,” “Dateline,” “20/20”, “an hour,” and “Oprah.” 

Until now, she didn’t re-marry and keeps on talking about the children who had endured an injury and supported a few such associations.

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