What they’re, find out how to establish them, and find out how to deal with them


Because the identify suggests, perianal pores and skin tags are mushy growths that happen across the anus. They’re fairly widespread and do not trigger hurt. They could occur after hemorrhoids heal or cleansing that space too laborious.

Pores and skin tags happen naturally as you age. They’re principally present in areas the place there are pores and skin folds, just like the groin and armpits. Pores and skin tags are noncancerous growths, however they might be delicate.

Specialists aren’t certain why pores and skin tags happen. They’ve been linked to a number of situations, equivalent to diabetes (or insulin resistance), weight problems, and pores and skin irritation from friction.

Perianal pores and skin tags can occur to anybody, no matter age and gender. Situations like Crohn’s illness, weight problems, being pregnant, and different bowel points could put you at the next threat of getting them. And household historical past could make you extra doubtless, too. That’s as a result of they’re hereditary.

Causes of Perianal Pores and skin Tags

Perianal pores and skin tags primarily happen after the therapeutic of anal fissures and thrombosed exterior hemorrhoids. Extreme rubbing and cleansing are recognized methods to worsen anal pores and skin tags.

Perianal pores and skin tags additionally happen as a result of:

Signs of a Perianal Pores and skin Tag

When a perianal pores and skin tag develops, you could start to really feel a bit of pores and skin across the anus. One of these pores and skin tag causes no ache in most conditions. Nonetheless, you could get a little bit uncomfortable because of the extra pores and skin. Perianal pores and skin tags do not trigger bleeding and ache.

You may simply mistake a hemorrhoid as a result of their related signs. Hemorrhoids, additionally referred to as “piles,” happen when the veins across the anus swell and change into distended.

‌The distinction between hemorrhoids and perianal pores and skin tags is that hemorrhoids are painful. Perianal pores and skin tags, in most circumstances, don’t bleed, whereas hemorrhoids bleed when even mildly irritated.

Perianal pores and skin tags must also not be confused with warts. Warts are related to human papilloma virus, and have a whitish, reddish, or grey-brown coloration. They solely develop to a measurement of some centimeters. Warts trigger burning itchiness and will bleed a little bit when touched.


Your physician will ask you to lie in your aspect to have a look at the anus. to look at pores and skin tags. They could search for indicators of irritated pores and skin, hemorrhoids, tender purple areas, fistula (an abscess), or contact dermatitis. They could additionally examine inside your anus utilizing their finger and a proctoscope.

Your physician could ask you:

  • The period of time you spend on the bathroom
  • The variety of occasions you may have a bowel motion each day
  • Whether or not you might be experiencing different anal points (like bleeding and ache)
  • Whether or not your stool is mushy, laborious, or watery 
  • What you employ to wash your anus and the way you do it
  • In case you do different actions whereas utilizing the bathroom (like utilizing your telephone)
  • If you’re taking any fiber dietary supplements


The first strategy to deal with perianal pores and skin tags is by managing the underlying situation inflicting the tags. Some situations, like hemorrhoids and anal fissures, are recognized to trigger them. To regulate the pores and skin tags, it’s a must to deal with these situations first.

Pores and skin tags are eliminated by means of surgical procedure. To maintain the pores and skin tags from recurring after the operation, you will have to alter any behaviors which can be inflicting them ⁠— it might be as simple as taking extra fiber. Seek the advice of together with your physician on the perfect methods to switch your life-style.

Within the days following remedy, make sure that you retain good bathroom and bowel habits. Don’t rub or clear your anus excessively.


A perianal pores and skin tag might be uncomfortable, however they’re not dangerous. In case you start to really feel a mass in your anus, go to your physician for a correct examination and medical recommendation.

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