What Is It, and How Is It Used?


The rule of nines is a software used to estimate a burn’s share of your whole pores and skin. It divides your physique into sections by multiples of 9% every.

Elements of the Rule of Nines

The sections within the rule of nines are:

  • Head: 9% 
  • Genitalia: 1%
  • Arm: 9%
  • Leg: 18% 
  • Torso: 36%

The physique sections can divide in half. For instance, the entrance facet of 1 arm or your head is 4.5% of your whole physique floor space. The back and front of your torso are 18% every. 

These percentages are correct for individuals over age 14.

Why Is the Rule of Nines Useful?

The rule of nines offers an concept of how a lot of your whole physique’s floor space a burn takes up. This informs therapies primarily based on the scale and depth of the burn harm.

Emergency medical responders are a number of the medical staff who use the rule of nines most. They rapidly estimate the burn space to resolve on therapies on the best way to the hospital. 

Sorts of Burns

The rule of nines applies to burns from all causes. The most typical causes of burn accidents are:

Thermal.Thermal burns outcome from contact with a scorching floor, object, or flames. The warmth kills your pores and skin cells. Widespread causes of thermal burns embrace:

  • Steam 
  • Boiling liquids
  • Scorching metals 
  • Fires

Electrical. Electrical burns come from direct contact with {an electrical} present. Electrical currents are excessive quantities of power that movement by means of wires. Accidents that trigger electrical burns embrace:

  • Touching uncovered wires
  • Utilizing defective equipment or electrical tools
  • Touching an influence line or pole
  • Touching {an electrical} system that water is touching, akin to a hair dryer within the sink whereas it’s nonetheless plugged in
  • Lightning

Electrical burns can injury different areas moreover your pores and skin. Electrical shock can weaken your muscle mass, affect your imaginative and prescient, or in extreme circumstances cease your coronary heart. 

Chemical. Chemical burns come from contact with harsh or harmful chemical compounds. These chemical compounds could cause injury much like thermal burns. Chemical substances that may burn your pores and skin embrace:

  • Drain cleaners
  • Moist cement
  • Bleach
  • Battery acid

Your pores and skin has a number of layers between its floor and underlying tissues like muscle and fats. Burns have levels primarily based on how deep they attain into your pores and skin.

First-degree. First-degree burns have an effect on solely the highest layer of pores and skin (referred to as the dermis). They’ll trigger redness, pores and skin dryness, and ache. First-degree burns normally heal with no scarring. 

The rule of nines normally isn’t wanted in first-degree burn care.

Second-degree. Second-degree (or partial-thickness) burns attain the deeper layers of your pores and skin (referred to as the dermis). They typically swell and blister. Second-degree burns can depart everlasting scars.

Third-degree. Third-degree (or full-thickness) burns attain to the deepest a part of your pores and skin and components beneath the pores and skin, like hair roots and sweat glands. 

Fourth-degree burns attain underlying fats. Fifth-degree burns attain muscle. Sixth-degree burns attain bone.

The Rule of Nines in Burn Remedy

Burn accidents can critically injury your pores and skin and different components of your physique. Your immune system’s response to a extreme burn can result in shock, coronary heart failure, and organ injury.

Medical suppliers have to know a burn’s relative dimension utilizing the rule of nines to resolve on therapies. 

Burn therapies embrace:

Pores and skin grafts. Pores and skin grafting is a remedy that takes wholesome pores and skin from one a part of your physique and locations it on an injured space. This helps defend the harm from an infection. 

Figuring out a burn harm’s whole physique floor space utilizing the rule of nines might help medical doctors plan a pores and skin graft remedy.

Fluid alternative. Extreme burns could cause your physique to lose an excessive amount of fluid, like blood, sweat, and water, inside your cells. This implies you might want a fluid IV to maintain sufficient water inside your physique. 

A burn’s quantity of whole physique floor space informs how a lot water ought to go in your IV line.

Limits of the Rule of Nines

Human error. Burns can unfold over your physique so they’re erratically distributed throughout the rule of nines’ sections. A burn harm’s dimension, form, and depth could make it arduous to guess its share of whole physique floor space. 

Inaccurate guesses could cause medical doctors to make use of an excessive amount of fluid or too little fluid in remedy. This will result in kidney issues, liver injury, swelling, and different points.

Completely different physique sizes. The rule of nines doesn’t apply to kids or sufferers who’re overweight. Infants and kids below 14 have totally different guidelines for estimating a burn’s share of whole physique floor space. 

Many different guidelines for estimating a burn’s dimension can apply to sufferers who’re overweight. Primarily based on their physique shapes, totally different physique components have totally different percentages of whole physique floor space.

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