What Causes Hypercalcemia? Right here Are 6 Identified Causes


In case your physician tells you that you’ve hypercalcemia, it means you’ve an excessive amount of calcium in your blood. Some medical situations may cause it. So can the form of way of life you’ve, your genes, and sure medicines.

It’s possible you’ll not discover any signs when you’ve got a light case of hypercalcemia. However as your physique tries to eliminate the additional calcium, you may pee loads and get actually thirsty. In case your calcium ranges are very excessive, you can get nervous system issues, together with turning into confused and ultimately unconscious.

You will often discover out that you’ve hypercalcemia by way of a blood take a look at. If you aren’t getting it handled, excessive ranges of calcium in your blood can result in bone loss, kidney stones, kidney failure, and coronary heart issues.

Your physician may help you get your calcium ranges again to regular and determine why they’re out of whack within the first place.

Overactive Parathyroid Glands (Hyperparathyroidism)

Overactive parathyroid glands are the commonest reason behind hypercalcemia. When these glands are working proper, they launch parathyroid hormone (PTH) when your blood calcium ranges get low. The discharge of this hormone helps your physique take up extra calcium and lessens the quantity you lose if you pee. It additionally pulls calcium out of your bones and places it into your blood.

However when you’ve got overactive parathyroid glands, your physique pumps out extra PTH than you want. This may occur in the event that they develop too massive or a noncancerous tumor varieties on a number of of your glands.

If hyperparathyroidism is the reason for your excessive calcium, you might also get:

It’s possible you’ll not want therapy when you’ve got gentle hypercalcemia. However your physician will monitor your well being. Most certainly, they’re going to examine your blood calcium and blood stress each 6 months. And so they’ll run checks in your kidneys annually. It’s possible you’ll have to get a bone density take a look at each 1-3 years.

They could additionally let you know to:

It’s possible you’ll have to take medicine known as calcimimetics. They decrease your PTH ranges. In additional critical instances, a surgeon might take out your parathyroid gland (or glands).

In case your calcium ranges are very excessive, you will have to go to the hospital to get fluids and medication known as diuretics by way of your veins. This may deal with hypercalcemia quick.

Most cancers

Round 10%-30% of individuals with most cancers might get hypercalcemia. That is as a result of most cancers can:

  • Trigger your bones to interrupt down and ship calcium into your blood
  • Mimic your parathyroid hormone, which triggers the discharge of calcium out of your bones
  • Have an effect on your kidneys, which may decrease the quantity of calcium you eliminate if you pee

The most typical most cancers sorts that trigger hypercalcemia embrace:

  • Lung most cancers
  • Kidney most cancers
  • Breast most cancers
  • A number of myeloma (a blood most cancers that begins in bone marrow)

Your most cancers or the therapy you get for it will possibly share signs with hypercalcemia, corresponding to feeling sick or throwing up. For those who get dehydrated, your kidneys cannot eliminate calcium very nicely. Your physician might provide you with fluids by way of your vein.

Hypercalcemia from most cancers will be arduous to handle. It helps to deal with your most cancers. However it’s possible you’ll want medicine to sluggish the discharge of calcium out of your bones, together with:

  • Bisphosphonates — given by way of your veins
  • Denosumab (Prolia, Xgeva) — as an injection

Dietary supplements

For those who take actually excessive doses of vitamin A or D, it’s possible you’ll take up an excessive amount of calcium. Overuse of calcium-containing antacids also can result in hypercalcemia.

Your physician will most likely ask you to cease taking these dietary supplements. In case your vitamin D ranges are actually excessive, it’s possible you’ll have to take steroid tablets, like prednisone, for a short while.


Blood stress medicine like thiazide diuretics can decrease the quantity of calcium that leaves your physique if you pee. They could additionally make your parathyroid issues worse.

Greater than 20% of people that take lithium get hypercalcemia. Specialists aren’t positive why this occurs. They assume it is as a result of the drug impacts your parathyroid glands and the quantity of PTH they make.

Your physician might swap your medication. If you’ll want to keep on these medicine, they might provide you with medicine to decrease the quantity of calcium in your blood.


For those who inherit a sure gene, your physique misjudges how a lot calcium is in your blood. You will ship out extra PTH than you want. It occurs when you’ve got a situation known as familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia (FHH). However normally, you will not have any signs or want therapy.

Your physician might wish to monitor your well being. It isn’t frequent, however FHH may cause irritation in your pancreas or calcium to construct up in different elements of your physique.

Much less Widespread Causes

Well being situations. Lung illnesses like tuberculosis and sarcoidosis can increase your blood ranges of vitamin D. In flip, your intestine will take up extra calcium. Paget’s illness and an overactive thyroid are additionally linked to hypercalcemia.

Inactivity. Your bones launch calcium in the event you do not put your physique weight on them. This may occur in the event you’re paralyzed or you’ve one other sickness that retains you in mattress for a very long time. Not getting sufficient train might also make hyperparathyroidism worse.

Critical dehydration. Your kidneys cannot eliminate calcium if you do not have sufficient fluid in your physique. A simple strategy to know in the event you’re dehydrated is to take a look at your urine. You need it to be mild yellow, not a shade of darkish orange. You must drink fluids till you are not thirsty. Name a health care provider when you’ve got diarrhea otherwise you throw up for a very long time and might’t preserve liquids down.

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