Tylenol Poisoning (Acetometophen Overdose)


Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Poisoning Overview

Acetaminophen is likely one of the most typical medicines present in households. It’s used for the therapy of ache and to decrease fever.

Over a few years, it has been used numerous instances by many individuals, and it has confirmed to be a protected and efficient remedy. Nevertheless, if taken in extra quantities (overdose, whether or not on objective or by chance), acetaminophen may cause life-threatening sickness. Until in any other case directed by your care supplier, the standard most really useful dose is 3 grams in 24 hours.

Acetaminophen is the lively ingredient in Tylenol. It’s also discovered in lots of different over-the-counter medicines and in pharmaceuticals. Acetaminophen is in Actifed, Alka-Seltzer Plus, Benadryl, Co-Gesic, Contac, Excedrin, Fioricet, Lortab, Midrin, Norco, Percocet, Robitussin, Sedapap, Sinutab, Sudafed, TheraFlu, Unisom PM Ache, Vick’s Nyquil and DayQuil, Vicodin, and Zydone.

Acetaminophen in overdose can critically harm the liver. If the harm is extreme, a liver transplant could also be obligatory with a purpose to save somebody’s life.

The antidote to acetaminophen overdose is N-acetylcysteine (NAC). It’s simplest when given inside eight hours of ingesting acetaminophen. Certainly, NAC can stop liver failure if given early sufficient. Because of this, it’s completely obligatory that acetaminophen poisoning be acknowledged, identified, and handled as early as attainable.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Poisoning Causes

Sickness from acetaminophen overdose is induced primarily by liver harm.

Acetaminophen is primarily metabolized by the liver. An excessive amount of acetaminophen can overwhelm the way in which the liver usually features.

If the liver is already broken due to an infection, alcohol abuse, or different sickness, an individual could also be extra vulnerable to wreck from acetaminophen overdose. Because of this, folks with liver sicknesses or individuals who chronically eat massive quantities of alcohol needs to be notably cautious when taking acetaminophen and will seek the advice of their physician previous to taking acetaminophen compounds. The FDA at the moment recommends that anybody taking medicines that include acetaminophen mustn’t drink alcoholic drinks.

Lengthy-term use of acetaminophen in really useful doses has not been proven to be dangerous to the liver.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Poisoning Signs

Quickly after taking an overdose of acetaminophen, you could have no signs from taking a poisonous quantity. It’s possible you’ll stay symptom-free for as much as 24 hours after taking a poisonous overdose of acetaminophen.

After this preliminary interval, the next signs are widespread:

When to Search Medical Care

You will need to name a health care provider, a poison management middle, or emergency medical providers for any suspected acetaminophen overdose.

General it will be important that anybody suspected to have taken an overdose of acetaminophen get therapy early, earlier than signs happen. Beginning therapy early can vastly enhance the end result.

Search emergency medical care at a hospital’s emergency division within the following conditions:

If the particular person suspected to have taken an overdose of acetaminophen is unconscious, semiconscious, or not respiratory, name 911 instantly.

Go to the hospital’s emergency division if the poison management middle tells you to go.

Search emergency care in case you are not sure of the kinds and quantities of remedy taken.

If a toddler took acetaminophen with out grownup supervision and will have taken an overdose, search fast medical consideration.

Exams and Assessments

Your physician will diagnose acetaminophen overdose with the next strategies:

  • Historical past. The physician will try to find out the time and quantity of acetaminophen taken. Gaining access to all remedy bottles that the particular person might have taken will assist the physician to find out the utmost quantity taken.
  • Bodily. The physician will search for indicators and signs of acetaminophen poisoning. These might embody jaundice (yellow pores and skin), stomach ache, vomiting, and different indicators and signs.
  • Laboratory exams. A blood degree of acetaminophen will support in figuring out if a poisonous dose was taken. The physician might order a couple of blood degree of acetaminophen and take a look at for different medication taken. As well as, the physician might order different blood and urine exams as wanted.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Poisoning Remedy

Self-Care at Dwelling

In the event you or a member of your family has taken or might have taken an overdose of acetaminophen, take fast motion.

  • If the particular person is unconscious or not respiratory, name 911 instantly for emergency medical providers.
  • If the particular person is awake and respiratory with out signs, name your native poison management middle or the American Affiliation of Poison Management Facilities at (800) 222-1222.

The next info is useful for each medical personnel and a poison management middle:

  • All remedy that the particular person has taken, each prescribed and nonprescribed (have the bottles shut)
  • All medicines which are obtainable in the home, prescribed and nonprescribed
  • The time that the particular person took the remedy

Medical Remedy

Remedy within the emergency division relies on the situation of the particular person and another medicines taken.

If somebody is suspected of getting taken an overdose however has no signs, the physician will start the next therapy:

  • Emptying of the abdomen. Within the only a few instances wherein an individual involves the hospital minutes after taking the overdose, the physician might try and empty the abdomen by working a tube via the mouth into the abdomen.
  • Activated charcoal.Activated charcoal needs to be given by mouth inside 4 hours of the overdose to bind any drug remaining within the gastrointestinal tract.
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC). NAC is the antidote for poisonous acetaminophen overdose. It’s typically given by mouth. The remedy has a foul odor however could also be blended with juice or different flavorings to make it style higher. If the particular person can not take NAC by mouth, a tube could also be positioned via the mouth and into the abdomen to assist administer it. If giving NAC by this technique isn’t attainable, the physician might give it by IV. NAC needs to be given inside 8 hours of ingestion, and is mostly given for 20 hours to 72 hours.

Subsequent Steps


After being discharged from the hospital or physician’s workplace, you might be requested to return for an examination or blood exams to test the situation of your liver and your common well being. Your physician might instruct you to keep away from alcohol and sure medicines.


You may take these steps to keep away from acetaminophen overdose:

  • All the time securely shut acetaminophen containers and use child-proof bottles. Preserve all remedy out of the attain of youngsters and securely locked up.
  • Know the proper dose of acetaminophen and the quantity of acetaminophen within the preparation you’re utilizing. If taken in really useful doses, there isn’t a threat of poisoning from acetaminophen. The truth is, to forestall unintentional overdose, the maker of Additional-Energy Tylenol model acetaminophen has diminished the utmost dose from 8 drugs (4,000 milligrams) to six drugs (3,000 milligrams) a day. Additionally, the FDA has requested drug firms to restrict the quantity of acetaminophen in prescription medicines to 325 milligrams per dose.
  • By no means combine completely different medicines if each medicines include acetaminophen, besides if instructed to take action by your physician. For instance, acetaminophen with codeine and chilly drugs containing acetaminophen shouldn’t be taken collectively. Learn product labels. They clearly point out the contents.

In the event you or a member of the family is depressed and suicidal, take away all medicines and harmful substances from the home and search medical consideration instantly.

If you’re not sure about how and when to take ache medicines, ask your physician for a plan. Write down this plan and observe it.

  • If you find yourself given a brand new remedy, all the time make sure that the physician is aware of the entire remedy and dietary supplements that you’re taking, each prescribed and nonprescribed. The best manner to do that is to maintain a written listing of medicines and dietary supplements and go over it together with your physician.
  • Don’t take acetaminophen for those who eat alcoholic drinks.


The end result for somebody who has an acetaminophen overdose relies upon largely on three elements: the quantity of acetaminophen ingested, the timing of emergency therapy, and the preliminary common well being of the particular person.

If a poisonous dose is taken and emergency therapy is delayed, liver failure might observe. Liver failure might imply {that a} liver transplant is required to forestall loss of life. Alternatively, if therapy of a poisonous overdose is begun early, the particular person might recuperate with no long-term well being issues.

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