The Calf Muscle (Human Anatomy): Diagram, Perform, Location


calf muscle

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The calf muscle, on the again of the decrease leg, is definitely made up of two muscular tissues:

  • The gastrocnemius is the bigger calf muscle, forming the bulge seen beneath the pores and skin. The gastrocnemius has two elements or “heads,” which collectively create its diamond form.
  • The soleus is a smaller, flat muscle that lies beneath the gastrocnemius muscle.

The gastrocnemius and soleus muscular tissues taper and merge on the base of the calf muscle. Robust connective tissue on the backside of the calf muscle merges with the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone (calcaneus).

Throughout strolling, working, or leaping, the calf muscle pulls the heel as much as enable ahead motion. 

Calf Muscle Circumstances

  • Calf muscle pressure: Stretching the calf muscle previous its regular size ends in tearing of some calf muscle fibers. Calf muscle strains can range from delicate (slight ache) to extreme (full tear of the calf muscle).
  • Pulled calf muscle: A calf muscle pressure is often known as a pulled calf muscle. “Pulling” the muscle refers to stretching the calf muscle past its restrict.
  • Calf muscle tear: All calf muscle strains end in tearing of some muscle fibers. Extra severe accidents could end in partial or full tear of the calf muscle.
  • Calf muscle rupture: Full tear of the calf muscle, leading to extreme ache and incapability to stroll. The calf muscle could collapse right into a lump or ball form, seen and felt by the pores and skin.
  • Calf muscle myositis: Irritation of the calf muscle. Infections or autoimmune situations (induced when the immune system mistakenly assaults the physique’s personal tissues) are normally accountable, though calf muscle myositis is uncommon.
  • Rhabdomyolysis: Calf muscle breakdown because of long-term stress, drug unwanted effects, or a extreme medical situation. Rhabdomyolysis normally impacts a number of muscular tissues all through the physique.
  • Calf muscle most cancers: Most cancers of the calf muscle is rare. The tumor could begin within the calf muscle (known as sarcoma) or unfold to the calf muscle from elsewhere (known as metastasis).

Calf Muscle Checks

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan): An MRI scanner makes use of a high-powered magnet and a pc to create extremely detailed photos of the calf muscle and different leg constructions.
  • Computed tomography (CT scan): A CT scanner takes a number of X-rays, and a pc compiles the X-rays into photos of the calf muscle and different constructions within the leg.
  • Calf muscle ultrasound: A tool positioned on the pores and skin bounces high-frequency sound waves off the calf muscle, tendon, and different constructions within the leg. The alerts are transformed into photos on a video display, permitting health-care suppliers to see constructions contained in the physique.

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