The 5 Features of Bones and the Significance of Your Skeletal System


Bones are a key a part of your skeletal system. They’re light-weight buildings which are extremely sturdy. A traditional grownup has round 206 bones of their physique. 

Your bones serve 5 important features in your physique, together with:

  • Supporting your physique and serving to you progress. Your bones actually maintain up your physique and maintain it from collapsing to the bottom. Your posture is dependent upon your bones. You additionally want to have the ability to coordinate your bones and shift your weight round them with the intention to transfer. 
  • Defending your inner organs. Your bones maintain your organs secure from arduous impacts, punctures, and different types of damage. For instance, your ribs shield your coronary heart and lungs, and your cranium protects your mind. 
  • Producing your blood cells. Sure kinds of bones make your platelets, crimson blood cells, and white blood cells. These cells are made inside your bones. Platelets assist your blood clot, crimson blood cells ship oxygen to your organs, and white blood cells assist battle off infections. 
  • Storing and releasing fats. Sure kinds of bones retailer fats after which launch it when your physique wants vitality. 
  • Storing and releasing minerals. Bones may retailer crucial minerals when their ranges are too excessive in your blood. Then, your bones will launch the minerals when your physique wants them. Examples of those minerals embrace calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. 

What Is Your Skeletal System?

Your bones be part of collectively to make your skeleton: the construction that your whole physique is constructed round — a part of your musculoskeletal system. 

Your skeletal system features as a structural lattice that the remainder of your physique is constructed round and is dependent upon for help.  

In addition to bones, different components of your skeletal system embrace: 

  • Ligaments. These are sturdy tissues that join your bones to at least one one other. 
  • Cartilage. It is a semi-rigid tissue that covers bones the place they contact each other. It gives a versatile and clean floor for motion.  
  • Tendons. These join your bones to your muscle mass. 

What Are Bones Made Of?

Bones are created from three totally different sorts of cells and have three totally different layers. Their common construction is a mixture of a protein referred to as collagen and a molecule referred to as calcium phosphate. These weave collectively to type their sturdy, light-weight construction. 

The three cell varieties that type bones are: 

  • Osteoblasts. These make new bone tissue and assist restore injury to your bones.
  • Osteocytes. These are mature bone cells that assist the bones of newborns mature. 
  • Osteoclasts. These break down your bones and assist type them into their appropriate shapes. 

The three layers of a bone are: 

  • Periosteum. It is a powerful outer coating to your bones that helps shield them.
  • Compact bone. That is slightly below the periosteum. It’s arduous, white, and clean. It’s additionally the principle a part of the bone that lends firmness and help to your skeletal system.  
  • Spongy bone. That is the comfortable, inside layer of your bones. It’s stuffed with holes the place bone marrow can match. There are two kinds of marrow — one form that makes blood cells and one form that shops fats and minerals. 

What Are Completely different Forms of Bones?

The three important kinds of bones are: 

  • Bones that make blood cells. These are bones that comprise crimson bone marrow. Examples of bones which have crimson bone marrow embrace your pelvis, sternum, humerus, and femur. 
  • Bones that retailer fats. These are bones that comprise yellow bone marrow. Yellow bone marrow shops fats within the type of adipose tissue. It may possibly launch vitality when your physique wants it within the type of triglycerides — a sort of fats present in your blood. 
  • Bones that type joints. Some bones come along with different bones, ligaments, and cartilage in buildings referred to as joints. There are several types of joints which are outlined by precisely how your bones come collectively in that area. These assist your physique transfer in several methods. 

While you’re born, your bones largely comprise crimson bone marrow, however it turns into yellow in your legs and arms as you develop up. This displays your physique’s altering wants for blood cell manufacturing versus fats storage. 

There are various totally different circumstances that may affect your skeletal system, and your bones particularly. Examples of those are: 

  • Arthritis. A painful situation the place your joints put on down. There can be irritation in your joints. 
  • Scoliosis. That is when the bones in your backbone are not straight. 
  • Cancers. There are specific cancers that may type inside your bones and affect your skeletal system.
  • Breaks. Bones can break — typically very badly. Typically, your bones can heal small breaks on their very own, however oftentimes, you’ll want medical assist to repair a damaged bone. 

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