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The mind is likely one of the largest and most complicated organs within the human physique.
It’s made up of greater than 100 billion nerves that talk in trillions of connections referred to as synapses.

The mind is made up of many specialised areas that work collectively:
• The cortex is the outermost layer of mind cells. Pondering and voluntary actions start within the cortex.
• The mind stem is between the spinal twine and the remainder of the mind. Fundamental capabilities like respiration and sleep are managed right here.
• The basal ganglia are a cluster of constructions within the heart of the mind. The basal ganglia coordinate messages between a number of different mind areas.
• The cerebellum is on the base and the again of the mind. The cerebellum is answerable for coordination and steadiness.

The mind can also be divided into a number of lobes:
• The frontal lobes are answerable for downside fixing and judgment and motor perform.
• The parietal lobes handle sensation, handwriting, and physique place.
• The temporal lobes are concerned with reminiscence and listening to.
• The occipital lobes comprise the mind’s visible processing system.

The mind is surrounded by a layer of tissue referred to as the meninges. The cranium (skull) helps defend the mind from damage.

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