Regular Vary, Excessive vs. Low Ranges in Blood


Your physique is in fixed movement, 24-7. Whilst you sleep, your blood flows, your mind fires away, and your intestine digests that late-night snack. Everytime you eat one thing, your physique pulls out the great things, resembling proteins and nutritional vitamins, and sends away the waste.

Usually, a kind of waste merchandise is uric acid. It’s shaped when your physique breaks down purines, that are present in some meals. Many of the uric acid leaves your physique once you pee, and a few once you poop.

A uric acid take a look at shouldn’t be finished as a routine blood take a look at. However, if in case you have a a well being drawback that may trigger or be attributable to excessive uric acid  ranges, it may be helpful to measure it. Excessive ranges of uric acid may cause gout and you may must attempt to decrease it.  When you have signs of gout, you have to take a look at a uric acid blood take a look at, which measures how a lot uric acid you might have in your blood.

You may additionally hear this take a look at known as a serum uric acid take a look at, serum urate, or UA.

Why Would I Want It?

Your physician can use this take a look at to assist discover out if in case you have:

Gout: It is a type of arthritis the place crystals from uric acid kind in your joints and trigger intense ache. You typically really feel it in your massive toe, however can get it in your ankles, toes, palms, knees, and wrists, as effectively. It could possibly additionally trigger swelling, redness, and discomfort in these joints, and will restrict your vary of movement.

Kidney stones: These are little, laborious plenty — like small stones — that kind in your kidneys when you might have an excessive amount of uric acid. They might trigger extreme ache in your decrease again that comes and goes, blood in your urine, throwing up, upset abdomen, and an pressing must pee.

Excessive uric acid stage throughout chemo or radiation: These remedies kill a number of cells in your physique, which might elevate the extent of uric acid. The take a look at is used to verify that your stage doesn’t get too excessive.


How Do I Get Prepared for the Check?

Usually, you don’t must do something particular. In some circumstances, your physician might inform you to not eat or drink something for 4 or extra hours earlier than the take a look at. Your physician can even let you realize if you have to cease taking any medicines.

Ensure that to inform your physician about any medicines, herbs, and dietary supplements you are taking, together with over-the-counter, prescription, and unlawful medication. Any of those, together with drugs that make you pee extra typically (diuretics), vitamin B-3, and aspirin, can have an effect on your outcomes.

How’s the Check Executed?

This take a look at is a primary blood draw and takes only a few minutes.

Are There Any Dangers?

Usually, you’ll really feel a prick when the needle goes in. That’s normally the worst of it, however because you’re having your blood drawn, there’s a really slight probability of issues resembling:

  • Bleeding or bruising
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • An infection

What Does the End result Imply?

The take a look at tells you the way a lot uric acid is in your blood.

It measures the uric acid in milligrams (mg) and the blood in deciliters (dL), so that you’ll see a quantity with models of mg/dL.

What’s a standard vary varies with totally different labs, so verify along with your physician that will help you perceive your consequence. You normally get leads to 1 to 2 days, but it surely depends upon your lab.

Usually, your uric acid stage is excessive when:

  • For females, it’s over 6 mg/dL
  • For males, it’s over 7 mg/dL

Excessive ranges could possibly be an indication of many situations, together with gout, kidney illness, and most cancers. However it could possibly be larger than regular since you eat meals with a number of purines. That features dried beans or sure fish resembling anchovies, mackerel, and sardines.

Often, your physician will order different exams on the similar time to trace down what’s inflicting your signs. Your physician will then assist you to perceive what all of your outcomes imply and what your subsequent steps are.

What Different Assessments Would possibly I Want?

Primarily based in your signs and what your physician’s on the lookout for, you might get:

  • Extra exams for gout, together with one the place they take fluid from the joint with signs
  • Urinalysis, a urine take a look at that appears for extra indicators of kidney stones, together with blood, white blood cells, and crystals in your pee

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