Is My Ankle Sprained or Damaged? The way to Inform The Distinction


You’ve injured your ankle and might’t put your weight on it. It hurts and is tender to the contact, bruised, and swollen. It could possibly be a sprain, or it could be damaged.

The signs of an ankle sprain are loads like a fracture, however you’ll have to know which damage you’ve got so you’ll be able to heal the proper means.

What’s an Ankle Sprain?

This occurs while you harm the ligaments in your ankle.

Ligaments are the robust, stretchy bands that maintain your bones in place and assist preserve the joint secure. They’re meant to stretch and transfer, however solely to some extent. A sprain signifies that a ligament is torn or stretched past its limits.

What’s an Ankle Fracture?

This occurs when no less than one among three bones in your ankle breaks.

If only one bone is damaged, chances are you’ll not notice how dangerous the damage is. But when a number of bones break without delay, you’ll lose stability in your ankle and should not be capable of stroll.

An ankle fracture also can result in ligament harm.

How Can I Inform the Distinction?

To assist work out what the damage could be, ask your self a couple of questions:

  • Was there a noise when it occurred? A sprain could happen silently, or in extreme instances there could also be a popping sound. With a fracture, you may hear a crack.
  • Is your ankle misshapen? Whereas swelling is a symptom of each accidents, in case your ankle seems to be clearly “off,” it’s most probably as a result of a bone is damaged.
  • Does your ankle really feel numb? With a sprain, you’re feeling ache. However you probably have numbness or tingling, your ankle is most probably damaged.
  • The place is the ache? In case your ankle hurts or is tender to the contact straight over your ankle bone, you in all probability have a fracture. If the ache is within the gentle a part of your ankle, it’s extra probably a sprain.

Should you’re nonetheless undecided, see your physician. They will look at your ankle and provide you with various assessments to determine which damage you’ve got.

Remedy for a Sprain

It’s normally much less concerned if you end up therapeutic from a sprain. Most sprains will clear up on their very own.

You could take anti-inflammatory medication akin to ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve).

And your physician could advise you to attempt the “RICE” technique to ease your irritation:

  • Relaxation
  • Ice
  • Compression (with an elastic bandage)
  • Elevation (ankle above the guts)

You could want bodily remedy for a average sprain. You must begin vary of movement workouts as soon as the ache and swelling subside. Surgical procedure is normally for extreme instances when different remedies have failed.

Remedy for a Fracture

Should you suppose your ankle is damaged, it is best to get medical remedy straight away. You have to have the ankle immobilized. This might contain crutches or a forged.

Your physician could attempt to align the damaged bones that will help you heal. If the bones are unable to remain in place after your physician has tried to stabilize the fracture, you may want surgical procedure.

You can too apply ice, elevate your ankle, and take ache relievers. Discuss to your physician.

Restoration Instances

These may be vastly completely different for the 2 accidents as properly.

A sprain could clear up inside days, with worse sprains needing a number of weeks to heal.

Fractures normally take for much longer. It could possibly be 6 weeks to a number of months earlier than you’re again to your common routine. For many ankle fractures, you are able to do your rehab with a fundamental dwelling train program of stretching, vary of movement, strengthening, and stability workouts.

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