Is It Good for You? Execs and Cons, Diet Info, and Extra


The chaga mushroom, or Inonotus obliquus, is a big, black fungus thought by many to have medicinal properties. Native to cooler northern areas of Asia, Europe, and North America, the Chaga mushroom grows primarily on birch timber.

As a result of chaga has a really excessive melanin content material, its exterior will flip a deep black colour when uncovered to daylight, whereas the within stays a vivid orange colour. This mushroom is so darkish that, when seen within the wild, it might look extra like a clump of mud than a fungus.

Although it’s not often eaten entire attributable to its bitter taste, dried and powdered Chaga has grown in recognition as an ingredient in coffees and teas. The mushroom has been marketed broadly for its alleged cancer-fighting and antioxidant properties. The powder is usually packaged and offered in capsule type as a dietary complement.

Diet Info

Chaga accommodates many vitamins that may enhance your well being, together with loads of antioxidants and:

There’s no commonplace serving measurement or vitamin info available for chaga, because it isn’t regulated by the FDA.

The vitamins per serving of chaga will rely on the shape you’re taking it in and the way a lot you’re taking. If you wish to take it as a complement, learn the label fastidiously and converse along with your physician about it earlier than you begin.

Potential Well being Advantages of Chaga

Chaga is believed to have potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, making it a possible various treatment for issues like arthritis and hypertension. It might additionally assist decrease blood sugar and even gradual the development of most cancers cells.

Chaga may assist:

Ease irritation. Researchers have discovered that Chaga might assist regulate the physique’s manufacturing of cytokines — cells that have an effect on different cells within the physique — and ease or stop swelling related to circumstances like arthritis. Present analysis is promising, however additional testing is required to make certain of chaga’s effectiveness.

Forestall most cancers. A number of research present that compounds in Chaga mushrooms might assist block or gradual the expansion of most cancers cells. Research have been carried out on each lung most cancers and colorectal most cancers cells utilizing compounds present in chaga. The analysis appears to point that chaga might assist gradual most cancers progress and even kill current most cancers cells.

Whereas these research have produced promising outcomes, extra proof is required.

Potential Dangers of Chaga

Little continues to be identified in regards to the long-term results of taking Chaga as a dietary complement. For many, it seems secure. However there are some causes to be cautious.

O xalate, a chemical compound present in chaga, is taken into account an anti-nutrient as a result of it interferes with how your physique takes in vitamins. It binds with calcium very simply and might trigger kidney stones, and even kidney failure.

As a result of Chaga can decrease blood sugar, individuals with diabetes ought to be cautious when utilizing it. Paired with medication like insulin, it may trigger a harmful drop in blood sugar ranges.

More healthy Alternate options

There are many meals that can provide you an antioxidant enhance like chaga. These embrace:

  • Apricots
  • Tomatoes
  • Mangoes
  • Plums
  • Nectarines
  • Papaya
  • Bell peppers
  • Acorn squash
  • Pumpkin
  • Beets
  • Carrots

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