Hydrocortisone Topical: Makes use of, Facet Results, Interactions, Photos, Warnings & Dosing


There are a lot of hydrocortisone merchandise out there. Many might be bought with no prescription. Some merchandise require a prescription. Seek the advice of your physician or pharmacist on the selection of the product that’s greatest for you.

Use this remedy on the pores and skin solely. Nonetheless, don’t apply it to the face or underarms until directed to take action by your physician. Some merchandise are meant for use on the scalp for varied circumstances. To accurately use these merchandise, observe the instructions on the product package deal.

Wash and dry your palms earlier than utilizing. Clear and dry the affected space. If you’re utilizing the lotion or foam, shake it effectively simply earlier than utilizing. If you’re utilizing the spray, verify the product package deal to see if it must be shaken earlier than every use. Apply a small quantity of remedy to the affected space and gently rub in, often as much as 4 occasions a day or as directed by your physician or the product package deal. Dosage and size of remedy will depend on the kind of situation being handled. Don’t bandage, cowl, or wrap the world until directed to take action by your physician. If utilized in or close to the diaper space on an toddler, don’t use tight-fitting diapers or plastic pants.

After making use of the remedy, wash your palms, until the palms are being handled. Keep away from getting this remedy within the eyes, nostril, or mouth. When you get the remedy in these areas, rinse with loads of water. If irritation happens or continues, contact your physician straight away.

Use this remedy just for the situation for which it was prescribed or a situation that’s listed on the product package deal. Don’t use it for longer than directed by the product package deal or your physician.

Inform your physician in case your situation lasts or will get worse after 7 days or in case you assume you might have a critical medical drawback.

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