False Being pregnant (Pseudocyesis): Causes, Signs, and Exams


Being pregnant is often an thrilling time for expectant mother and father. However being pregnant would not at all times finish with the anticipated child. In uncommon instances, girls (and even males) consider they’re pregnant, solely to seek out out that their signs have been induced not by being pregnant, however by one thing else fully.

False being pregnant, clinically termed pseudocyesis, is the assumption that you’re anticipating a child if you end up probably not carrying a baby. Individuals with pseudocyesis have many, if not all, signs of being pregnant — except an precise fetus. Some males expertise a associated phenomenon generally known as couvade, or sympathetic being pregnant. They’ll develop lots of the identical signs as their pregnant companions, together with weight acquire, nausea, and backache.


What Causes False Being pregnant?

Solely lately have medical doctors begun to grasp the psychological and bodily points which might be on the root of pseudocyesis. Though the precise causes nonetheless aren’t identified, medical doctors suspect that psychological elements might trick the physique into “pondering” that it is pregnant.

When a lady feels an intense want to get pregnant, which can be due to infertility, repeat miscarriages, impending menopause, or a want to get married, their physique might produce some being pregnant indicators (akin to a swollen stomach, enlarged breasts, and even the feeling of fetal motion). The girl’s mind then misinterprets these indicators as being pregnant, and triggers the discharge of hormones (akin to estrogen and prolactin) that result in precise being pregnant signs.

Some researchers have advised that poverty, an absence of schooling, childhood sexual abuse, or relationship issues may play a task in triggering false being pregnant. Having a false being pregnant isn’t the identical as claiming to be pregnant for a profit (for instance, to revenue financially), or having delusions of being pregnant (akin to in sufferers with schizophrenia).


Signs of False Being pregnant

Ladies with pseudocyesis have lots of the identical signs as those that are literally pregnant, together with:

  • Interruption of the menstrual interval
  • Swollen stomach
  • Enlarged and tender breasts, adjustments within the nipples, and probably milk manufacturing
  • Feeling of fetal actions
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weight acquire

These signs can final for only a few weeks, for 9 months, and even for a number of years. A really small share of sufferers with false being pregnant will arrive on the physician’s workplace or hospital with what looks like labor pains.

Exams for False Being pregnant

To find out whether or not a lady is experiencing a false being pregnant, the physician will often consider their signs, carry out a pelvic examination and stomach ultrasound — the identical checks used to really feel and visualize the unborn child throughout a standard being pregnant.

In a case of false being pregnant, no child will likely be seen on the ultrasound, and there will not be any heartbeat. Generally, nevertheless, the physician will discover among the bodily adjustments that happen throughout being pregnant, akin to an enlarged uterus and softened cervix. Urine being pregnant checks will at all times be damaging in these instances, except uncommon cancers that produce related hormones to being pregnant.

Sure medical circumstances can mimic the signs of being pregnant, together with ectopic being pregnant, morbid weight problems, and most cancers. These circumstances might have to be dominated out with checks.

Treating False Being pregnant

When girls consider they’re pregnant, particularly for a interval of a number of months, it may be very upsetting for them to study that they aren’t. Docs want to softly break the information, and supply psychological help, together with remedy, to assist the affected person with pseudocyesis recuperate from their disappointment.

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