Eyelash Mites: Signs, Causes, and Remedy


Eyelash mites are tiny cigar-shaped bugs present in bunches on the base of your eyelashes. They’re regular and often innocent, except you’ve too lots of them.

Often known as demodex, every mite has 4 pairs of legs that make it straightforward to grip tube-shaped issues — like your lashes.

You possibly can’t see eyelash mites as a result of they’re solely a few third of a millimeter lengthy and see-through. All they need is to eat some lifeless pores and skin cells and a little bit of the oil that comes together with them. By doing this, eyelash mites act as a pure cleansing system.

Causes and Threat Elements

Eyelash mites often don’t trigger bother and also you don’t even discover them. However generally too many stay round your eyelashes and trigger issues.

Since your eyes are surrounded by your nostril, eyebrows, and cheeks — elements that stick out extra — it may not be as straightforward to maintain your eyelid space as clear as the remainder of your face. This could let extra mites stay there.

You’re extra more likely to have too many eyelash mites for those who’re an older grownup or are a caregiver for one, or in case your immune system doesn’t work effectively attributable to a well being drawback or remedy.

Having too many eyelash mites can:

  • Set off irritation across the eyelid
  • Carry micro organism there
  • Depart waste merchandise you’re delicate to
  • Make lashes develop within the mistaken route or turn out to be unfastened
  • Block oil passages round your eyelid edges
  • Set off the expansion of tube-shaped dandruff across the lash base

Signs and Prognosis

Many issues could cause eye issues, not simply having too many eyelash mites. However signs embody:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Crusty crimson edges in your eyelid
  • Feeling like one thing “overseas” is in your eye
  • Irritation inside your eyelid
  • Blurry imaginative and prescient
  • Eye ache
  • Unexplained tearing in your eyes

In case your physician thinks eyelash mites are inflicting these issues, they may ask about your signs and search for redness or swelling across the edges of your eyelids. They may also need to rule out different situations that may irritate your eyes.

Your physician has a number of methods to search out out if eyelash mites are inflicting your signs. A particular microscope with a brilliant gentle referred to as a slit lamp can present if:

  • Tube-like dandruff is on the root of your eyelashes.
  • Mites, or their eggs or infants, are on a couple of eyelashes taken out of your eyelid.


Eyelash mites don’t have to be handled in the event that they’re not inflicting issues. And generally eliminating eyelash mites might be robust. Eyelid scrubs you should purchase over-the-counter on the drugstore might not do the trick.

What therapies often work? Your physician may advocate:

  • Tea tree oil: Soaked into wipes or cleansers, rub this over your closed eyelids and face. Don’t open your eyes shortly after wiping or they might sting. Be sure to are diluting the oil whether it is full energy, as that shall be too sturdy and dangerous on your skinny eyelid pores and skin.
  • Lotions or ointments: They’re constituted of substances like sulfur, permethrin, ivermectin, and mercury oxide. You unfold these medicines on the base of your lashes.


The perfect factor to do is maintain your self and your environment clear. To try this, you possibly can lather up your hair and full physique with cleaning soap or shampoo every day. You can too wash your towels and sheets with scorching water and dry on excessive warmth.

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