All About Troy Aikman’s Wife, Catherine Mooty


Many people know who the famous American football player Troy Kenneth Aikman is, but some know who Troy Aikman’s wife Catherine Mooty is. She is not only the Dallas Cowboys player’s wife but is also a businesswoman who has co-founded the famous fashion retail brand known as Luxeliner.

The stunning fashionista is the founder of Luxeliner and a strong businesswoman. She wasn’t known to a wider audience before her marriage, but in her cycle she has gained considerable success.

Her marriage to the famous Fox Sports analyst brought her to the limelight and she has risen since then. 

She is an entrepreneur and holds a solid position in her fashion business circle. Her marriage got widespread attention when the National Football League player announced on his social media platform that he would be marrying the fashion business woman.

Early Days of Troy Aikman’s Wife, Catherine Mooty

Catherine Cecile Person was born on 13th October 1970. She is American by nationality and her birthplace was Dallas, Texas. 

She is Christian and is a beautiful dark eyed woman who has natural blonde hair. As she was born in October, her zodiac sign is Libra.

She was born to George J. Person and Pamela. She is one of two children of her parents as she also has a sister whose name is Jordan Ashely Aikman. 

She is 51 years old and going strong in her life and profession.

She has mostly kept to herself regarding her personal life and not much detail is known regarding her education and parents, but from the looks of it she is a well-educated person with a strong family. 

Catherine’s Appearance

The beautiful fashionista has a height of 5 feet and 04 inches and weighs a modest 61 kg according to latest reports. She has natural blonde hair and brown eyes and a perfect body for a woman of 51. At first glance, she would not give her age away.

Catherine’s Past

Although she rose to new heights after her marriage to the sports analyst and former football player, this wasn’t her first. Catherine Mooty had been married a couple of times before she tied the knot with Troy Aikman. 

Her first marriage was with the famous Jerry Mooty, a recognised and known face in the circles of Hollywood. Not much is known about their marriage apart from the fact that she had two children with Jerry. The children’s names are Luke Mooty and Val Mooty. 

Both the children are currently in high school. Apart from this, the couple has then separated their ways since 2013 and not much information is known about the once loving family. Till after 4 years of their separation, Catherine Mooty wasn’t seriously committed to anyone else. 

Catherine Mooty’s Net Worth

Catherine Mooty’s net worth is estimated to be around, if not more, than a whopping $3 million. Her husband’s net worth is a monumental $25 million. 

This is because of her co-venture with her friends Luxeliner. Her four partners and friends on this venture are Jennifer Clark, Wendy Poston, Alyson Griffith and Charlotte Jones Anderson. 

She also charges a premium for her Instagram post, which is also a source of revenue for her. 


Catherine is a co-founder of Luxeliner, a fashion online boutique which sells quality premium clothes. 

Social Media

Since Catherine is an entrepreneur, she has managed to gain more than three thousand followers on her Instagram and an amazing ten thousand plus fans on her Twitter account. 

Professional Life of Catherine Mooty

As stated multiple times above, Catherine is the owner of the online Dalas-based boutique, Luxeliner. Although her venture is ongoing, she came to the spotlight of the world by her marriage to Troy Aikman.

As she is a seasoned businesswoman, she has taken a jab at different businesses throughout her career. Luxeliner worked for her and she sells quality fashion accessories and clothes through her. Her goodwill in the fashion industry also helps her in her career path of being an entrepreneur. 

The Luxeliner company is a mobile fashion store which deals with impressive fashion gift items, clothings and accessories. 

The company was launched back in 2012 and has received considerable attention and success. It has managed to expand to different parts of America along with other geographical locations, as well. 

Her Marriage with Troy Aikman

After her first marriage with Jerry didn’t work out, Catherine went her separate way. She met Troy Aikman in 2016-17, and dated for a year. 

The couple decided they were meant for each other and tied the knot a year after. They married each other on 4th September 2017 on the beautiful location of Santa Barbara beach outside the Biltmore Four Seasons Hotel in Montecito, California. 

The marriage came after their beautiful engagement on 2nd June, 2017 at Lake Como, Italy. 

Troy Aikman, as many people already know, is a famous and former NFL quarterback along with being a NFL quarterback. 

Catherine’s Measurements

Catherine has a slim and sleek body figure which makes her a beautiful looking woman. Her chest-waist-hip measurement is 34-26-38. Her shoe size is American 5. 

Who is Troy Aikman?

Troy Kenneth Aikman is a former American football player who is known as a NFL quarterback. He participated for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. He is the Cowboys’ longest running quarterback and has received numerous accolades throughout his career. 

He has also been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He then served as a commentator on Fox. He also is the co-owner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. 

Troy Aikman also has had an active relationship life. He married Rhonda Worthey on 8th April 2000 and also had two daughters with her. They divorced in the year 2011 and moved on. 

Troy Aikman is 55 years old. He was born on 21st November 1966. Aikman had a family who was interested in sports, hence his interest in the game. He is said to be talented in outdoor activities from a very early age. 

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