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Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Signs, Causes, Remedies

The fallopian tubes are two skinny tubes, one on either side of the uterus, which assist lead the mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. A blocked fallopian tube, which can also be recognized as tubal issue infertility, is when an obstruction, similar to scarring, an adhesion, or an infection, prevents the egg from touring down the tube. This will happen on one or either side and is the reason for infertility in as much as 30% of infertile folks with ovaries. A fallopian tube blockage can influence fertility.

The fallopian tubes.

It is uncommon for folks with blocked fallopian tubes to expertise any signs. Many with this situation assume that if they’re having common intervals that their fertility is okay. This is not all the time true.

Every month, when ovulation happens, an egg is launched from one of many ovaries. The egg travels from the ovary, by means of the tubes, and into the uterus. The sperm additionally have to swim from the cervix, by means of the uterus, and thru the fallopian tubes to get to the egg. Fertilization often takes place whereas the egg is touring by means of the tube.

If one or each fallopian tubes are blocked, the egg can’t attain the uterus, and the sperm can’t attain the egg, stopping fertilization and being pregnant. It is also doable for the tube to not be blocked completely, however solely partially. This will enhance the chance of a tubal being pregnant, or ectopic being pregnant.


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In contrast to anovulation, the place irregular menstrual cycles might trace to an issue, blocked fallopian tubes hardly ever trigger signs. The primary “symptom” of blocked fallopian tubes is commonly infertility. If you happen to don’t get pregnant after one yr of making an attempt (or after six months, when you’re age 35 or older), your physician will order a specialised X-ray to verify your fallopian tubes, together with different fundamental fertility testing.

A particular sort of blocked fallopian tube referred to as hydrosalpinx might trigger decrease belly ache and strange vaginal discharge, however not each lady can have these signs. Hydrosalpinx is when a blockage causes the tube to dilate (enhance in diameter) and fill with fluid. The fluid blocks the egg and sperm, stopping fertilization and being pregnant.

Nonetheless, a number of the causes of blocked fallopian tubes can have their very own signs. For instance, endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory illness (PID) might trigger painful menstruation and painful sexual activity.

Signs that would point out pelvic an infection embody:

  • normal pelvic ache
  • ache throughout sexual activity
  • foul smelling vaginal discharge
  • fever over 101 (in acute circumstances)
  • nausea and vomiting (in acute circumstances)
  • extreme decrease belly or pelvic ache (in acute circumstances)

Acute pelvic infections will be life-threatening. When you’ve got a excessive fever or extreme ache, contact your physician instantly, or go to the closest emergency room.


The most typical explanation for blocked fallopian tubes is PID. Pelvic inflammatory illness is the results of a sexually transmitted illness, though not all pelvic infections are associated to STDs. Additionally, even when PID is not current, a historical past of PID or pelvic an infection will increase the chance of blocked tubes.

Different potential causes of blocked fallopian tubes embody:

  • Present or historical past of an STD an infection, particularly chlamydia or gonorrhea
  • Historical past of uterine an infection attributable to an abortion or miscarriage
  • Historical past of a ruptured appendix
  • Historical past of belly surgical procedure
  • Earlier ectopic being pregnant
  • Prior surgical procedure involving the fallopian tubes, together with tubal ligation
  • Endometriosis


Blocked tubes are often recognized with a specialised x-ray referred to as a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. An HSG is without doubt one of the fundamental fertility exams ordered for each couple struggling to conceive. The take a look at includes inserting a dye by means of the cervix utilizing a tiny tube. As soon as the dye is in place, x-rays of the pelvic space are taken.

If all is regular, the dye will undergo the uterus and fallopian tubes and spill out across the ovaries and into the pelvic cavity. If the dye does not get by means of the tubes, then you might have a blocked fallopian tube.

It is essential to know that 15% of girls have a “false constructive,” the place the dye does not get previous the uterus and into the tube. The blockage seems to be proper the place the fallopian tube and uterus meet. If this occurs, the physician might repeat the take a look at one other time, or order a distinct take a look at to substantiate.

Different exams which may be ordered embody ultrasound, exploratory laparoscopic surgical procedure, or hysteroscopy (wherein a skinny digicam is positioned by means of the cervix to have a look at the uterus). Blood work to verify for the presence of chlamydia antibodies (which might suggest earlier or present an infection) might also be ordered.

Therapy for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

When you’ve got one open tube and are in any other case wholesome, you may have the ability to get pregnant with out an excessive amount of assist. Your healthcare supplier might provide you with fertility medication to extend the possibilities of ovulating on the aspect with the open tube. This isn’t an choice, nevertheless, if each tubes are blocked.

You will need to notice that this treatment is prescribed that can assist you conceive however it won’t unblock a blocked fallopian tube. Likewise, train can’t unblock a blocked tube. The one factor which will assist unblock a blocked tube is surgical procedure, however it isn’t all the time profitable. Here’s what it is advisable find out about surgical procedure for blocked tubes in addition to IVF and tubal ligation.

Laparoscopic Surgical procedure

In some circumstances, laparoscopic surgical procedure can open blocked tubes or take away scar tissue. Sadly, this therapy does not all the time work. The possibility of success relies on how previous you might be (the youthful, the higher), how unhealthy and the place the blockage is, and the reason for blockage. If only a few adhesions are between the tubes and ovaries, then the possibilities of getting pregnant after surgical procedure are good.

When you’ve got a blocked tube that’s in any other case wholesome, you’ve gotten a 20% to 40% probability of getting pregnant after surgical procedure.

Your danger of ectopic being pregnant is larger after surgical procedure to deal with tubal blockage. Your physician ought to carefully monitor you when you do get pregnant and be accessible that can assist you resolve what’s greatest for you.

Nonetheless, surgical restore isn’t all the time the most suitable choice. Conditions which may be higher for IVF embody the presence of serious scaring, reasonable to extreme endometriosis, or reasonable to extreme male issue infertility. Your physician may also help you overview whether or not surgical restore or going straight to IVF therapy could be greatest in your state of affairs.

In Vitro Fertilization

Earlier than the invention of in vitro fertilization (IVF), if restore surgical procedure did not work or wasn’t an choice, ladies with blocked tubes had no choices to get pregnant. Using IVF makes conception doable.

IVF therapy includes taking fertility medication to stimulate the ovaries. Then, utilizing an ultrasound-guided needle by means of the vaginal wall, your physician retrieves the eggs immediately from the ovaries. Within the lab, the eggs are put along with sperm from the male accomplice or a sperm donor. Hopefully, a number of the eggs fertilize and a few wholesome embryos consequence. One or two wholesome embryos are chosen and transferred to the uterus. 

IVF utterly avoids the fallopian tubes, so blockages do not matter. That stated, analysis has discovered that an infected tube can considerably lower the chances of IVF success. When you’ve got a hydrosalpinx (fluid-filled tube), your physician might suggest surgical procedure to take away the tube. Then, after recovering from surgical procedure, IVF will be tried. 

Tubal Ligation Reversal

Tubal ligation surgical procedure is a everlasting type of contraception, generally often called “getting your tubes tied.” There are completely different sorts of tubal ligation. Potentialities embody a surgeon chopping the tubes, banding them, clamping them, or inserting specialised coils inside them. The concept is to deliberately block the fallopian tubes so the sperm can’t attain the egg.

A big variety of ladies later remorse having a tubal ligation—anyplace from 20% to 30%. The excellent news is that regardless that this type of contraception is taken into account everlasting, it may be reversed for a lot of ladies. Surgical restore of a tubal ligation is extra possible to achieve success than ladies having tubal surgical procedure to restore disease-based blockages. Micro-surgical restore is commonly cheaper than IVF, costing as a lot as half per supply.

Success charges are usually wonderful for micro-surgical tubal reversal. For girls youthful than 40 years of age, being pregnant charges after two years are 90%. For girls over age 40, success charges range between 40% and 70%.


The vast majority of blocked fallopian tubes are attributable to pelvic infections. Most—however not all—of those infections are attributable to a sexually transmitted an infection. Common screening for STIs, in addition to getting worrisome signs checked out instantly, is a vital step in stopping tubal infertility. If the STI or pelvic an infection is caught early sufficient, treating it might assist stop the event of scar tissue.

Nonetheless, most infections should not acute, and infrequently don’t end in any indicators or signs. However “quiet” doesn’t imply innocent. The longer the an infection is current, the upper the chance of scar tissue forming and creating infected or blocked tubes.

As soon as an an infection has been detected, fast antibiotic therapy is essential. Treating the an infection doesn’t assure the tubes shall be clear. The antibiotics can solely kill the micro organism. Any harm or scar tissue that has shaped won’t be helped by antibiotic therapy. That stated, treating the illness may also help stop additional harm, and should make fertility therapy or later surgical restore extra prone to succeed.

Utilizing condoms and getting common STI testing (particularly when you have interaction in high-risk sexual habits) is beneficial to forestall fallopian tube harm from STI.

A Phrase From Verywell

When only one fallopian tube is blocked, getting pregnant by yourself or with low-tech remedies could also be a chance. Nonetheless, when each tubes are blocked, surgical procedure or IVF therapy could also be mandatory. Speak to your physician about all of your choices. If IVF or surgical procedure is not doable for you, it’s possible you’ll take into account adoption, foster care, or selecting to dwell a child-free life. Be sure you have emotional help as you navigate this case. 

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