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Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas All Time

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

It’s a big milestone birthday that should be celebrated in full on the ninth, and it’s definitely NOT a birthday that could be deleted from a good gift. You need to find the best ideas for 50th birthday gifts and fortunately you are in the right place for you.

Here at Love & Lavender, we like to display gift lists, especially when we talk about big parties. And we think that the arrival of the middle of the century is only in terms of birthdays that need to be celebrated. It’s best to have a huge cake, lots of balloons, some make noise and little party hats. Plus, you know that unique, thoughtful gift you found with a little help from your L&L friends.

Check out our list of some of the best gift ideas to help your favorite 50s celebrate this special occasion!

Tips for 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for her

  1. Necklace for the 50th birthday
    due to

This personalized stone necklace is perfect as a 50th birthday gift! Five mixed metal rings symbolize five decades of fun and adventure, and the stone in the middle reminds her that she is the center of your world!

  1. 18K Gold Blue Moonstone Hoop Ariyos
    due to

Moonstone jewelry is always a special gift, because moonstones are supposed to calm the mind, develop deep sleep and avert negativity. These handmade earrings are extremely beautiful and suitable for special occasions and everyday wear. 3. 50 And an exceptional wine glass
due to

Let’s say your favorite man in his fifties is ready to party? In that case, this wine glass will keep you 12 ounces of his favorite drink (hint: it’s probably wine) pretty cool! The glass has a lid, a stainless steel straw and a brush cleaner.

  1. Personalized vase with Milestone champagne
    lähde: Uncommon Goods

Personalized vase for champagne Milestone
Donate this beautifully cut vase made from a bottle of champagne with a bouquet of her favorite flowers and you will surely get a hug and a smile. Customize him by her name and date of birth – every time she looks at her, she’ll know you’ve picked up a toast for her.

  1. Medium zippered carrying bag
    from Madewell

Medium zippered transport bag
This leather bag tanned with plants is very beautiful. We can’t love it anymore! And like that girl on her birthday, it’s old and beautiful. You can wear it in two ways: with upper handles or over your shoulder and it has plenty of space with an outer pocket and a central zipper on the inside. 6. Personal wine
lähde: Mark & ​​Graham

personal bottle of wine
This personalized bottle of Mark & ​​Graham wine is truly a gift that can be handed out. Not only do they adore the thoughtful, carefully carved message on the bottle, but they absolutely enjoy the Cabernet Sauvignon made in California and beautifully crafted inside. When the wind picks up, they will proudly boast a bottle on their coat all year round, a birthday wish has been around for a long time!

  1. Paris chocolate pearls
    lähde: Food52

Parisian chocolate pearls in cans
We just love this set of Assorted Parisian Chocolate Pearls. Elegantly designed, sophisticatedly understated, and totally portable, these are perfect for the chocolate lover in your life who has matured far beyond the $1 chocolate bars sitting by the cash register!

50th Birthday Gifts For Him

  1. Rings Of Celebration Birthday Glasses
    by Uncommon Goods

Rings Of Celebration 50th Birthday Glasses
We love this glass’s natural symbolism etched with a tree-ring pattern: another ring, another year wiser. You can customize it with his year of birth, then raise a toast to many more.

  1. GrowlerWorks uKeg Carbonated Growler
    by GrowlerWerks

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler and Craft Beverage Dispenser for Beer, Soda, Cider, Kombucha and Cocktails, 64 oz, Tungsten
Do you have a home brewer in your life? This gift is exactly what it would bring to a birthday picnic or camping!

He can share his craft beer, cider or whatever he wants with his friends and loved ones in celebration of the big 50s.

The double-skinned stainless steel insulation keeps the drinks cool. The regulator lid gives it great control over how much needs to be saturated. (CO2 chargers are sold separately.)

  1. Parker Sonnet fountain pen
    from Parker

Parker Sonnet fountain pen
With these fountains, complemented by gold accents, he will write in style. We believe that a very beautiful foal has a unique appearance and a person who has reached 50 years of age deserves to be known! To find out more about which fountain pens we think are the best, check out our article on the best fountain pens.

  1. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Watch
    from Fossil

Smart watch Fossil Unisex 44MM Gen 5 Carlyle HR Heart Rate stainless steel with touch screen, Color: smoky (Model: FTW4024)
Style fulfills the function of this Fossil smart watch! It has built-in GPS, heart rate and activity tracking and sleep tracking. It is also waterproof because it prefers swimming rather than bikes on the track.

Compatible with many apps, including apps for social media, games, news, music and more. It can also send and receive calls and text messages, synchronize your calendar and receive notifications. It was like a phone on his wrist, even prettier!

  1. Gin Making Kit
    due to

Who knows how fast and easy gin can be made? If you have a martini or G&T in your life, it’s a gift for him! With 10 different plants you can create your own style or use the 3 recipes included in the set. Either way, it’s a great way to celebrate the ’50s. 13. Personalized leather wallet
via ScriptLeather

personal leather wallet
This men’s wallet from ScriptLeather has both masculine features and is refined and extremely sweet! The black leather and first engraving on the front of the handbag give the simple but powerful look that every man looks for in an accessory, while the personalized message from the inside, designed from a loved one’s own writing, fills her heart forever. draw. Professional Tip: Throw a gift card into their favorite store and say “Happy 50th Birthday!”

  1. Personal Mint Tin
    from Zazzle

personalized mint cans
This sweet can for tongue and face is the perfect 50th birthday present for a man who can laugh at himself! This can, which is available in mint for the more traditional personality, or jelly beans for the boy’s heart, makes him laugh every time he takes it to pass.

  1. Worldwide Emmer Beer
    from Gourmet Gift Baskets

Worldwide Emmer Beer
What do you get from a man who is in everything? Well, it’s easy – beer! If you can’t stand the trumpets and bells that are often associated with the 50th birthday party, then this Around the World Beer Bucket by Gourmet Gift Baskets can be the perfect birthday gift.

Not only does it come with an impressive variety of beers, it also has several uniquely paired snacks, making it ideal for sharing or enjoying sweet solitude in the future.

50th birthday gifts for everyone

  1. Own home picture
    from Minted

Portrait of a custom house
50 years on this planet means many journeys behind you. We talk about marriage, the landscape, children, birthdays, DIY, everything. (Probably. Not necessarily in that order …)

If your gift for most of her adult life lives in his house, it’s probably a familiar photo of her sweet house with a lot of sentimentality. This is a thoughtful 50th birthday gift that all previous milestones remember when celebrating others!

  1. Scratch Off Map
    lähde: Uncommon Goods

Get a card
Salad 50 has many benefits, not least all the great places you have been and the experiences you have had. Give her a present to remember all the adventures with this great scratch card!

As they scratched everywhere they went, they saw a beautiful spread of color along with geographical details. And what a reminder for them that life does not end at the age of 50, that there is still something to discover and explore on this beautiful planet!

  1. New York Times Custom Anniversary Diary
    lähde: Uncommon Goods

The New York Times adapts the diary to the 50th anniversary
Birthdays are a big news, especially the 50th edition. This book will show her what has been on the front page of the New York Times since her first birthday. Customize the book with their name and date of birth on a rich leather binding and you will have an interesting picture of what happens each year on that special day.

  1. Personalized olive wood cheese / chopping board
    due to

Another unique 50th birthday gift that ripens best, these ethical olive wood boards are made by Italian craftsmen for beauty and durability. It is also completely adapted to everything you want to say – from “Happy Birthday” to “Olive You Forever” (ha! Punny!).

  1. Personalized pillow for notes
    due to

It is an ideal gift for mom, dad, husband or wife. If you want to share a special message that they will remember forever, send your 50th birthday wishes with this cute pillow! Just write a note and they will copy it and transfer it to a softer linen pillow. Every time they nap on the couch, they feel love.

  1. Birthday star map
    due to

Give her stars for her fiftieth birthday with this beautiful star card! At the exact time and date they were born, the stars were adapted in the most unusual way. Show them what the sky looks like on that special day.

Choose your font style, colors, the message you want to print on the card, and choose canvas or print / framed and matte printing. 22. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Extension Luggage
from Samsonite

Samsonite Omni PC extended luggage with fixed wheels, black, 3-piece set (20/24/28)
You also have many miles above you

In your 50s, you have a lot of kilometers, but you also have to drive a lot. Help her celebrate all the adventures that come by giving her easy travel!

This luggage kit has many useful features, including TSA side locks, multi-way swivels and more. It also comes in many different colors and you can choose a three-piece set, two-piece or large size for all their travel needs.

  1. Birthday gift box
    from Harry and David

happy birthday gift box with candy
Simply put, this birthday present is just fun! It is full of lots of sweets, such as fruit jelly and vanilla cookies, which means that everyone at a birthday party should have something to taste what they enjoy. However, the real piece of resistance in this course is the cherry and confetti that will decorate the whole birthday cake! It looks absolutely delicious and has a unique, homely atmosphere, so it is ideal for small intimate gatherings that we all know we really appreciate!

  1. Shiatsu back and neck massager
    from Nekteck

Shiatsu neck and back massager with soothing warmth
One of our own L&L team members recently purchased this item and can prove that it is truly the perfect gift. A truly unique feature are the versatile wrist straps that allow you to relocate the massage device for significant comfort and efficiency. The warmth setting is also amazing and leaves the gifted person feeling in an expensive and all inclusive spa!

  1. Personalized Vintage Year Candle
    lähde: PleaseYouCandleCo

vintage 1971 candle
Everyone will appreciate the gift in the form of a beautiful scented candle, but these personalized from the branded retailer Etsy PleaseYouCandleCo are definitely their favorite gift of the year! There are 18 different flavors to choose from, including proven classics like Lavender and Sage and Citrus, as well as some truly unique options like Light Beer, Gummy Bears or Very Fit Birthday Cake! If you choose the perfect scent, you can choose the color of the label and add customization, which makes this candle truly unique. Fifty is amazing!
If you or your loved one has reached this important milestone, congratulations!

By the age of 50, you have paid your bills, gained respect and admiration, and are likely to give life advice to those who need them. That’s definitely the reason for the big party. So why not throw a party, give presents and let the champagne flow!

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