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Child Improvement, Signs, and Extra

At 21 weeks pregnant, you might be within the second half of your being pregnant. As your child grows, you might be able to really feel extra motion. You may additionally be feeling the consequences of additional fluid in your physique.

21 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months? 5 months and 1 week

Which Trimester? Second trimester

How Many Weeks to Go? 19 weeks

Your Child’s Improvement at 21 Weeks

At 21 weeks, child measures a bit of over 7 inches (18.1 centimeters) from the highest of their head to the underside of their buttocks (crown-rump size). Child’s peak is roughly 10 inches (25.9 centimeters) from the highest of the pinnacle to the heel (crown-heel size). The child weighs round 14 ounces (398 grams).

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The placenta remains to be delivering nearly all of the child’s vitamins. However, the child’s digestive system is creating and maturing to take over after delivery.

  • The pancreas is starting to make enzymes that break down meals for digestion.
  • The small gut is rising longer and absorbing vitamins from the amniotic fluid that the child swallows.

Crimson Blood Cells

Up till this level, your child’s liver made many of the pink blood cells. However now, their bone marrow is turning into a serious contributor. By 24 weeks, the bone marrow will take over as the first producer of child’s pink blood cells.


Your child’s eyelids, which closed and sealed collectively round week 11, at the moment are starting to separate.

Discover a number of of your child’s week 21 milestones on this interactive expertise.

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How Will Being pregnant Change My Physique?

Your Widespread Signs This Week

This week, it’s possible you’ll proceed to have among the typical discomforts of the second trimester akin to:

Being pregnant additionally brings about modifications in your circulation. So, it’s possible you’ll start to note swelling in your toes and ankles or varicose veins.


Your stomach is probably not the one factor getting greater. Your toes and ankles is perhaps increasing, too. As much as 80% of pregnant folks expertise a point of swelling or edema within the legs. Swollen toes and ankles are sometimes worse:

  • On the finish of the day
  • After standing or sitting for a very long time
  • When the climate is scorching

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen, twisted veins that look purple or blue and bulge from the pores and skin. Throughout being pregnant, vein points are extra frequent due to the added weight of the rising uterus, hormone modifications, and further fluid within the physique.

Varicose veins may cause ache, aching, leg cramps, or a sense of heaviness in your legs. They sometimes seem on the legs, however they will additionally present up on the vulva or the rectum. Swollen veins in your rectum or anus are higher often known as hemorrhoids.

Self-Care Ideas

Proceed to care on your bodily and psychological well being each week by consuming effectively, getting some train, sustaining your social relationships, spending time together with your associate, and collaborating in secure actions that you simply take pleasure in. This week, you may additionally need to forestall or relieve signs associated to further fluid in your physique.

Dealing With Swelling

You may’t do something in regards to the further fluid and hormones that contribute to swelling in your legs and toes, however you may attempt to reduce your discomfort.

  • Drink up. Whereas it appears counterintuitive, consuming extra fluids can flush out the waste that will contribute to swelling. Go for water as your beverage of alternative as a lot as potential.
  • Swap your socks. Commerce any elastic-top socks for help hose.
  • Change positions. Gravity pulls fluid down, so sit or lie down together with your toes up as a lot as potential. When standing for a protracted stretch, use a stool to prop up one foot.
  • Transfer round. Get a bit of train or take brief breaks all through the day to stroll round.
  • Go within the water. In case your physician says you may swim or take a shower, get within the water. The strain of the water exterior your physique might assist to push the surplus fluid in your toes again into your veins to assist scale back the swelling. If you cannot swim or bathe, soak your toes in a bath of water.
  • Change your sneakers. You could have to go up a dimension or change to a distinct shoe model to seek out consolation whereas coping with swollen toes.

What Specialists Say

“Swelling might also be lowered by consuming meals which can be excessive in potassium, akin to bananas, lima beans, candy potatoes, bok choy, and spinach.”

Dana Angelo White, MS, RD

Whereas swelling of the toes and ankles is often regular, different varieties of swelling may very well be an indication of a problem. Name your physician if you happen to swell up all of the sudden, particularly with speedy weight achieve, or if you happen to discover swelling in your fingers or face.

Dealing With Varicose Veins

More often than not, medical doctors don’t have to deal with swelling and varicose veins in being pregnant. They’re sometimes anticipated to get higher as soon as the child is born. However you may attempt to forestall or relieve swollen veins by:

Recommendation for Companions

Being pregnant generally is a glad time, but it surely will also be a time of fear or stress for each of you. Pregnant {couples} typically fear about genetic testing and the well being of the child. On high of that, monetary uncertainty, relationship issues, and the fact of turning into a father or mother may also weigh in your thoughts.

Research present that stress can have an effect on being pregnant and the child. It might probably additionally have an effect on your bodily and psychological well being. You may attempt to preserve your loved ones wholesome by engaged on methods that can assist you and associate scale back stress, together with:

  • Get some common train.
  • Strive leisure strategies like deep respiration workout routines, progressive muscle leisure, and meditation.
  • Study to acknowledge the indicators of stress.
  • Go to mattress early.
  • Let among the chores go undone, and do one thing enjoyable as a substitute.
  • Take a break day of labor to spend collectively, if you happen to can.
  • Discuss to one another in regards to the issues which can be inflicting fear.
  • Communicate to a well being care or psychological well being skilled if you happen to need assistance coping with stress.

Stress is a traditional a part of on a regular basis life, and it isn’t at all times a foul factor. Stress can inspire you and push you to make constructive modifications in your life (or simply get the nursery prepared). However, if it turns into overwhelming, it is essential to take steps to take care of it.

Upcoming Physician’s Visits

Particular Concerns

Bleeding throughout being pregnant could be scary. Whereas it would not at all times imply there is a significant issue, it is essential to have it evaluated instantly, simply in case.

Vaginal Bleeding

Many issues may cause vaginal bleeding throughout being pregnant. Some points are minor and do not pose any menace to your being pregnant or your child. For instance, it’s possible you’ll expertise gentle bleeding:

  • After intercourse
  • After a pelvic examination at your physician’s workplace
  • In case your cervix is irritated or has a development (polyp) on it

Nevertheless, bleeding can generally be an indication of a complication akin to:

Whereas some causes of bleeding are minor, you actually will not know for certain till you’ve got it checked out. So, deal with any bleeding as if it’s an emergency till you discover out in any other case. Contact your physician instantly or go to the emergency room for an examination. Studying the trigger may give you peace of thoughts, and it additionally permits your medical doctors to deal with you for any potential issues as early as potential.

A Phrase From Verywell

Through the first half of being pregnant, you might have had a constructive check, heard a heartbeat, and seen a picture of your child on an ultrasound display. Now, within the second half of being pregnant, seeing your stomach develop and feeling the child transfer tends to make it really feel extra actual.

Subsequent week, your child could also be exploring the sense of contact, and also you would possibly begin to really feel an occasional tightening sensation in your uterus.

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