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Amnesty scheme for ‘overstaying foreigners’ to run out on Dec 31

ISLAMABAD: The Amnesty scheme for foreigners staying over an prolonged interval in Pakistan will expire on December 31, 2022.

The Ministry of Inside in a notification issued on Thursday had directed the Nationwide Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to cease extending the amnesty scheme to the stated people residing in Pakistan after the expiry of the due date.

The ministry of inside had given a normal amnesty scheme for overstaying foreigners to exit Pakistan with out paying expenses with a cutoff date of December 31, 2022.

After the expiry of the amnesty scheme’s interval, foreigners who’ve overstayed for a couple of yr could also be put into the blacklist class, barring their entry to Pakistan sooner or later.

The NADRA obtained on-line functions until December 29, 2022. The penalty expenses can be imposed on these overstaying within the nation after the date of January 01, 2023.

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