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8 Anti-Harassment Helpline In Pakistan

These 8 anti-harassment helplines can surely help you if you have ever suffered from sexual harassment. Unfortunately, cases of sexual harassment are increasing day by day. In Pakistan, most people who suffer from any harassment never come in front because it is considered against society’s norms to raise such topics. The world is changing quickly; we should also change our norms and should stand for justice.

Those victims who want to stand for justice often do not know what their legal rights are. They usually don’t know where to start, so the Aik Pakistani team has compiled a list of helplines that provide help and support to survivors.

Anti-Harassment Helpline In Pakistan

Following are the helplines which victims can approach for support.

1. PCSW Toll-Free Helpline: 1043

(Helpline staff consists of females only)

The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) was established in 2014 by the provincial assembly of Punjab. It aims to promote gender equality, empower women, and to help to make policies to eliminate gender discrimination from society.

Seek help against harassment and report rape

This helpline provides legal advice and all other kinds of support. If you don’t want to contact via helpline, you can also submit your complaint on the official website of PCSW.

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2. FIA cybercrime wing

The federal investigation authority is one of the most influential organizations that provide support to harassment victims. You can report cyber crimes and harassment to FIA by complaints@fia.gov.pk or helpdesk@nr3c.gov.pk.

3. Madadgaar Toll-Free Helpline: 1098

Madadgar organization is working in Pakistan for the last two decades with the help of UNICEF. Its main aim is to help women and children suffering from abuse and exploitation.

Madadgaar organization can be contacted by phone (1098 or 03116641098) or Email (madadgaar@cyber.net.pk)

4. DRF’s Cyber Harassment Toll-Free Helpline: 0800-39393

 Digital rights foundation (DRF) is the first helpline dedicated to online harassment and violence. It was founded by a lawyer and digital rights activist Nighat Dad. DRF promises to provide fully confidential and free help and support to victims of digital harassment.

Victims can call DRF’s toll-free helpline from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM). You can also contact them through Email at helpdesk@digitalrightsfoundation.pk

5. Sahil Toll-Free helpline: 0800-13518

Sahil organization aims to develop a society and environment where every child of Pakistan should be safe from abuse, especially sexual abuse. It has also established a jeet healing center to provide emotional and psychological support to women.

You can contact Sahil by following the method.

Islamabad head office: Ph: +92-51 2260636 | Email: info@sahil.org

KPK – Abbottabad office: Ph: 0992-383880 | Email: uc_atd@sahil.org

Balochistan – Jaffarabad office: Ph: 0838-510912 | Email: uc_jfd@sahil.org

Punjab – Lahore office: Ph: 042-35470578 | uc_lahore@sahil.org

Sindh – Sukkar office: +92-71-5633615 | Email: uc_suk@sahil.org

6. Ab Aur Nahin Organization

Nighat Dad founded the Ab Aur Nahin organization also. It provides legal, emotional, and psychological help to women who suffer from sexual abuse or home violence.

You can contact them at info@digitalrightsfoundation.pk and help@hamarainternet.org

7. PSCA and PSCW application

In partnership with the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women, Punjab safe city authority launched an app in 2017 for women’s safety. Its name is “Women Safety App.” The app gives access to PCSW helpline, 1043.

Seek help against harassment in pakistan

This app is handy for women who work or travel a lot. Women can notify local police with ne button that they are not feeling comfortable at any place—the police then can find their location via GPS and help them.

8. Hamara Internet Application

Hamara internet app allows victims to seek help. DRF also launched this. It can be easily downloaded from your cell phone from the play store.

9. Pakistan Citizen portal

Harassment can be reported on PM’s Pakistan citizen portal. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download & install the app of Pakistan Citizen portal from the google play store or app store.
  2. Log in/Sign up to your account by using your password and CNIC number.
  3. Go to “Complains” and add all the details.
  4. You can choose to keep your identity anonymous by an option above the “submit complaint” button
  5. Submit the complaint.
  6. A govt official will contact you and take proper action

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