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50th Birthday Gift Ideas to Forget They’re Half a Century Old!

Hooray for turning 50! 

It’s a huge milestone birthday that should be absolutely celebrated to the nines, and it’s definitely NOT the birthday to scrimp on a great gift. You need to find the best 50th birthday gift ideas ever, and lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Love & Lavender we adore putting together gift lists, especially when the celebration in question is a big one. And we reckon making it through half a century is right up there in terms of birthdays that must be celebrated. Ideally with a humongous cake, lots of balloons, some noise makers and tiny party hats. Plus, you know, that amazing, thoughtful gift you found with a little help from your pals at L&L.

Behold – our list of some of the best gift ideas to help your favorite 50-year-old celebrate the special occasion!

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