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50 Superior British Slang Phrases You Ought to Begin Utilizing Instantly

British slang is a distinct segment of its personal, evolving and remodeling and adapting from metropolis to metropolis and from yr to yr, simply because the English language itself has performed.

Whereas American slang has grow to be almost common with the inflow of TV reveals, movies, and different media filling the screens of a big majority of the media-viewing international inhabitants, there’s a lot extra obtainable when you dig beneath the floor of British slang phrases and may uncover some actual gems beneath the floor.

So, if you happen to’re an aspiring Anglophile searching for some new lingo to assist gas your love for all issues British, otherwise you simply fancy seeing what sort of phrases the British discover themselves utilizing their day-to-day, try our 50 finest British slang phrases so that you can begin utilizing and incorporating into your vocabulary instantly.

1. Ace

‘Ace’ – a British slang time period which means one thing that’s sensible or glorious. Can even imply to move one thing with flying colours.

For instance, ‘Jenny is ace on the lab experiments’, or, for the latter definition, ‘I feel I aced that examination’.

2. All To Pot

Barely extra of an outdated model, this British slang time period continues to be used, and its that means stays related at the moment. ‘All to pot’ refers to a scenario going out of your management and failing miserably.

For instance, ‘The celebration went all to pot when the clown turned up drunk and everybody was sick from that low-cost barbecue stuff.’

3. Blimey

‘Blimey’ is used as a approach of expressing shock at one thing, usually used when seeing or taking a look at one thing stunning or spectacular as a substitute of stunning or upsetting.

For instance; you may say ‘Blimey! Take a look at that!’

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

4. Blinding

‘Blinding’ – a slang time period that’s removed from one thing that bodily causes somebody to lose their sight. ‘Blinding’ is a optimistic time period that means glorious, nice, or excellent.

For instance, ‘That sort out from the Spanish participant was blinding.’

5. Bloke

Bloke is an especially widespread time period denoting a person, normally it’s utilized in reference to an extraordinary man, akin to the US ‘common joe’, however it it not unusual to listen to it used to explain a person usually.

As such, you need to use it like this, ‘That bob is an efficient bloke.’

6. Bloody

You in all probability don’t want me to explain this, out of all British slang, that is by far the preferred and mostly used. Prior to now it was thought to be a swearword however now, as a result of its widespread utilization, it’s usually acceptable. It’s usually used as an expression of anger or is used to emphasise a remark.

In anger you may say, “oh bloody hell!”

Or to make use of it as emphasis, ‘that’s bloody cool!’

7. Bob’s your uncle/Fanny’s your aunt

The primary type of that is way more widespread, and is usually used internationally. For these unaware, the expression basically used in the long run of a sequence of primary directions. The origin of the expression is unknown, and is sort of previous, however continues to be generally use.

In context, ‘Get the meals, put within the microwave, warmth it up, then bob’s your uncle, able to eat.’

8. Bollocks

Maybe one of the vital internationally well-known British slang phrases, ‘bollocks’ has a large number of makes use of, though its high ones together with being a curse phrase used to point dismay, e.g. ‘Oh bollocks’; it can be used to specific derision and mocking disbelief, e.g. ‘You slept with Kate Upton final night time? Bollocks…’; and, after all, it additionally refers back to the scrotum and testicles.

For instance, ‘I kicked him proper within the bollocks when he wouldn’t let me go previous.’

9. Bollocking

Very completely different to the ‘bollocks’ of the earlier suggestion, a ‘bollocking’ is a telling-off or a extreme or enthusiastic reprimand from a boss, co-worker, associate, or anybody you want, for a misdemeanour.

For instance, ‘My spouse gave me an actual bollocking for getting to choose up the dry cleansing on my approach dwelling from work.’

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10. Brass Monkeys

A extra obscure British time period, ‘brass monkeys’ is used to seek advice from extraordinarily chilly climate. The phrase comes from the expression, ‘it’s chilly sufficient to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.

For instance, ‘It’s essential to put on a coat at the moment, it’s brass monkeys exterior.’

11. Good

‘Good’ just isn’t a phrase solely within the British lexicon, however has a really British utilization. Particularly, when one thing is thrilling or great, significantly when one thing is sweet information, ‘sensible’ can imply as such.

For instance, ‘You bought the job? Oh, mate, that’s sensible.’

Generally sensible will be shortened to simply “brill” to provide it a extra informal really feel.

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

12. Bugger All

‘Bugger all’ – a British slang time period was a extra vulgar synonym for ‘nothing in any respect’.

For instance, ‘I’ve had bugger all to do all day.’

13. Butchers hook

That is the cockney rhyming slang model of getting a gander, to take a look at one thing. Although it might appear unusual at first, it’s fairly easy, it’s constructed out of the expression’s second phrase, on this case the best way ‘hook’ rhymes instantly with ‘look’ nonetheless, maybe opposite to expectations, the phrase ‘hook’ is usually eliminated, so you could hear somebody say ‘have a butchers at this.’

However like most issues cockney, it’s turning into much less widespread.

14. Automobile Park

One of many extra boring and technical phrases on this listing, a ‘automobile park’ is in impact, the place exterior or connected to a constructing the place folks park their automobiles. The British equal to the American ‘parking zone’ or ‘parking storage’.

For instance, ‘I left my automobile within the automobile park this morning.’

15. Cheers

‘Cheers’ doesn’t fairly have the identical that means that it does in different counties – after all, it nonetheless means ‘celebrations’ when toasting a drink with some pals, however in British slang, it additionally means ‘thanks’ or ‘thanks’.

For instance, ‘Cheers for getting me that drink, Steve’.

16. Satisfied

Satisfied is used roughly everywhere in the UK, it appears to be reducing in reputation, however continues to be in comparatively widespread utilization. Primarily, it’s an expression of delight at your individual actions or achievements.

For instance you could possibly say ‘I’m feeling correct satisfied I gained that.’

Should you’re speaking to another person you need to use it as such, ‘I wager you’re fairly satisfied you gained!’

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

17. Chunder

Not a splendidly melodic phrase, ‘chunder’ is a component and parcel of British slang phrases. That means ‘to vomit’ or ‘to be sick’, ‘chunder’ is nearly all the time utilized in correlation with drunken nights, or being vastly unwell and sick.

For instance, ‘I ate a nasty pizza final night time after too many drinks and chundered on the street.’

18. Cock Up

‘Cock up’ – a British slang time period that’s removed from the lewdness its title suggests. A ‘cock up’ is a mistake, a failure of enormous or epic proportions.

For instance, ‘The papers despatched out to the scholars had been all within the improper language – it’s an actual cock up.’ Additionally, ‘I cocked up the orders for desk quantity 4.’

19. Damp Squib

Extra of an regular time period, a ‘damp squib’ in British slang phrases refers to one thing which fails on all accounts, coming from the ‘squib’ (an explosive), and the propensity for them to fail when moist.

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For instance, ‘The social gathering was a little bit of a moist squib as a result of solely Richard turned up.’

20. Do

A “do” is basically a celebration, to my data it doesn’t seek advice from a specific type of social gathering, so be at liberty to make use of it as you want.

For instance, you may say ‘I’m going to Steve’s birthday do tonight.’

21. Dodgy

In British slang phrases, ‘dodgy’ refers to one thing improper, unlawful, or simply plain ‘off’, in a technique or one other.

For instance, it may be used to imply unlawful – ‘He acquired my dad a dodgy look ahead to Christmas’; it may be used to imply one thing food-related that’s nauseous or nauseating – ‘I had a dodgy kebab final night time and I don’t really feel proper.; and it can be used as a pejorative – ‘He simply appears dodgy to me.’

22. Fortnight

‘Fortnight’ – a British slang time period extra generally utilized by nearly everybody within the UK to imply ‘a gaggle of two weeks’.

For instance, ‘I’m going away for a fortnight to Egypt for my summer time vacation.’

23. Gobsmacked

‘Gobsmacked’ – a very British expression that means to be shocked and shocked past perception. The expression is believed by some to return actually from ‘gob’ (a British expression for mouth), and the look of shock that comes from somebody hitting it.

For instance. ‘I used to be gobsmacked when she instructed me she was pregnant with triplets.’

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

24. Grockel

That is dishonest, it’s nearly solely used within the English county Devonshire, however I’m together with it as its enjoyable to say. It’s used as a derogatory phrase for vacationers.

For instance, ‘I don’t go over there anymore it’s filled with grockels today.’

25. Gutted

‘Gutted’ – a British slang time period that is likely one of the saddest on the lists when it comes to pure contextual emotion. To be ‘gutted’ a few scenario means to be devastated and saddened.

For instance, ‘His girlfriend broke up with him. He’s completely gutted.’

26. Have a gander

I consider this expression originates within the English county of Cheshire. The phrase pertains to the best way a goose (a male goose known as a gander) cranes its neck to take a look at one thing. As such a type of this expression ‘Have a goosey’ additionally exists, however is way more unusual.

In context it really works like this, ‘Come right here and have a gander at what he’s doing.’

27. Hunky-Dory

‘Hunky-dory’ – a neat little piece of British slang that implies that a scenario is okay, cool, or regular.

For instance, ‘Yeah, every little thing’s hunky-dory on the workplace.’

28. Jammy

Jammy is in semi-common use within the north west and south west of England. It’s a descriptive phrase, used to explain somebody who’s extraordinarily fortunate for one thing, with out placing in a lot effort for it.

For instance, ‘I can’t consider you gained that, correct jammy.’

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

29. Kerfuffle

One other relatively pleasant and barely archaic phrases on this listing of British slang phrases is ‘kerfuffle’. ‘Kerfuffle’ describes a skirmish or a combat or an argument attributable to differing views.

For instance, ‘I had a proper kerfuffle with my girlfriend this morning over politics.’

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30. Knackered

‘Knackered’ – an incredible phrase and phrase utilized by Britons to explain their tiredness and exhaustion, in any given scenario. Usually substituted in pleasant circles for ‘exhausted’.

For instance, ‘I’m completely knackered after working all day.’

31. Misplaced The Plot

‘Misplaced the plot’ is one that may really be discerned by analyzing the phrases themselves. To ‘lose the plot’ can imply both to grow to be offended and/or exasperated to a fault, or in a derogatory – if barely outdated sense – to imply somebody who has grow to be irrational and/or performing ridiculously.

For instance, ‘When my girlfriend noticed the mess I’d made, she misplaced the plot.’

32. Mate

‘Mate’ – one of many generally used phrases of endearment and affection in British slang phrases. Used when you’re speaking to an in depth pal, and is usually simply substituted for the American ‘buddy’, ‘pal’, or ‘dude’.

For instance, ‘Alright, mate?’

33. Minging

Minging (pronounced: ming-ing) is a beautiful different to the phrase “disgusting” or “gross”. I really feel there’s something acceptable about it.

For instance, ‘Don’t it that mate it seems to be minging.’

34. Muck

Muck is an alternative to “filth” nonetheless, in some ways I discover it a superior phrase. There’s something oddly onomatopoeic about it and appears to have a grimy high quality of itself.

In context, ‘I can’t are available, my sneakers are all mucky.’

35. Good One

‘Good one’ – used nearly all the time sarcastically in widespread British lexicon, though it may be used sincerely relying on the context.

For instance, ‘You tousled the Rutherford order? Good one, actually.’

36. Our Child

I’m dishonest a bit with this one, as that is used nearly solely used round Manchester and the North of England. However there’s something splendidly tender and endearing about it.
It’s a time period denoting your youthful brother/ sister, or shut member of the family reminiscent of a cousin.

For instance, ‘Did you hear about our child Kevin? He acquired a brand new job.’

37. Pork pies

This time period comes from cockney rhyming slang, a type of communication originated in previous east London by retailers to speak with one another in a approach that’s disguised and incomprehensible to outsiders. Not like most rhyming slang expressions, it’s nonetheless in semi-popular use each in London and out of doors.

The expression is a synonym for ‘lies’. Be aware how the second phrase ‘pies’ rhymes instantly with ‘lies’.  As such if you hear it in use, even if you happen to aren’t acquainted with expression you possibly can usually inform what’s being stated by the rhyme and the context it’s being utilized in.

For instance, ‘Don’t hearken to him he’s telling pork pies.’

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

38. Posh

Typically, ‘posh’ denotes the English higher lessons. Nevertheless it may be used to explain something flashy or needlessly stylish or costly. It’s just like the American phrase ‘fancy’, nonetheless it has a way more entrenched class foundation.

On this approach “posh” can be utilized within the following two methods:

  • I’m going to a fancy restaurant tonight.
  • Have you ever met Bob’s girlfriend? She’s fairly posh.

39. Correct

This has two completely different meanings relying on location or social lessons. From the next social class, ‘Correct’ denotes actions acceptable to sure circumstances. For instance, ‘Don’t do this, it’s not correct!’ Nevertheless such a utilization is turning into much less widespread.

Extra widespread, and customary within the north and southwest England. “Correct” is used as an alternative choice to “very” or “extraordinarily”, one thing that may give a time period further weight. For instance, ‘that meal was correct tasty’ or generally ‘that was correct.’

40. Garbage

Probably the most commonly-used British phrases, ‘garbage’ is used to imply each normal waste and trash, and to additionally specific disbelief in one thing to the purpose of ridicule (on this sense it’s a much-more PG-friendly model of ‘bollocks’.)

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For instance, it may be used respectively, in, ‘Can you are taking the garbage out please?’, and ‘What? Don’t discuss garbage.’

41. Scrummy

One of many extra pleasant British slang phrases on this listing, ‘scrummy’ is used as a splendidly effusive time period for when one thing is really scrumptious and mouth-wateringly good.

For instance, ‘Mrs Walker’s pie was completely scrummy. I had three items.’

42. Sick

It is a comparatively newer entry to the lexicon of British Slang, most frequently utilized by youth. On this case one thing being “sick” is definitely factor. It’s like a stronger type of “cool”

For instance, .Yeah I’d love to try this, it sounds sick.’

43. Skive

‘Skive’ – (Pronounced sky-ve)a British slang time period used to point when somebody has failed to show up for work or an obligation as a result of pretending to faux sickness. Mostly used with schoolchildren attempting to get out of faculty, or dissatisfied workplace employees attempting to drag a sick day.

For instance, ‘He tried to skive off work however acquired caught by his supervisor.’

44. Taking The Piss

Given the British tendency to mock and satirise something and every little thing attainable, ‘taking the piss’ is in truth one of the vital widespread and widely-used British slang phrases. To ‘take the piss’ means to mock one thing, parody one thing, or usually be sarcastic and derisive in the direction of one thing.

For instance, ‘The fellows on TV final night time had been taking the piss out of the federal government once more.’

45. The Bee’s Knees

The bee’s knees – a relatively beautiful time period used to explain somebody or one thing you assume the world of.

For instance, ‘She thinks Barry’s the bee’s knees’. Will also be used sarcastically on this similar sense.

50 Awesome British Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

46. Throwing a wobbly

This phrase means the identical factor as having a tantrum. Nevertheless there’s one notable distinction is that throwing a wobbly tends for use when describing tantrums thrown by adults, or individuals who ought to in any other case know higher.

For instance, ‘I left when Darren threw a wobbly.’

47. To nick/nicked

Relying on how it’s used, “Nick” can imply one in all two issues (three together with the title). Essentially the most generally used type is as an alternative choice to “steal”. As in  “I by accident nicked this pen from work.” One other approach it may be used is as a time period for being arrested.

For instance, ‘I acquired nicked a yr in the past.’

What I like about this time period and its two/three usages is that the next sentence, “Nick acquired nicked for nicking one thing” makes grammatical sense.

48. Tosh

A nifty little British time period which means ‘garbage’ or ‘crap’.

For instance, ‘That’s a load of tosh about what occurred final night time’, or ‘Don’t discuss tosh.’

49. Trainers

Trainers are the British equal of the American sneakers denoting athletic sneakers. In some methods, “trainers” is the extra acceptable time period, in any case, athletes are likely to put on them whereas coaching, not sneaking.

In use, ‘I simply introduced some new trainers.’

50. Wanker

Oh, ‘wanker’. Presumably the perfect British insult on the listing, it matches a sure area of interest for a single-worded insult to lobbied out in a second of frustration, anger, provocation, or, after all, as a jest amongst pals. ‘Wanker’ matches the closest match by ‘jerk’ or ‘asshole’, however to a barely larger worth.

For instance, ‘That man simply reduce me up in site visitors – what a wanker.’

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