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4 Ideas for Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples

Every of your nipples has many small openings that result in the milk ducts and permit breast milk to circulation out of your breast to the child. The dimensions and form of nipples range, and a few folks have flat nipples that do not protrude from the areola. It’s nonetheless potential to breastfeed when you’ve got flat nipples.

What Are Flat Nipples?

Flat nipples aren’t raised. They seem to put even with the areola and the encircling pores and skin of the breast. Flat nipples don’t stick outward from the breast, however they do not flip inward both (these are known as inverted nipples).

True Flat Nipples

Many ladies have nipples that seem flat more often than not, however then change into erect when they’re uncovered to chilly temperature or sexual stimulation. These aren’t actually flat nipples. True flat nipples don’t reply to chilly or arousal. Nevertheless, even when you’ve got nipples that stay flat on a regular basis, they will usually begin to protrude outward throughout your being pregnant.


Even when you’ve got protruding nipples. you could expertise flat nipples in case your breasts change into engorged. When your breasts change into overfull with breast milk, they will change into exhausting and swollen. This will trigger your nipples to change into flat and make it extra tough to your child to latch on.

Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples

Basically, flat nipples don’t normally intrude with breastfeeding. Most newborns can latch on to flat nipples with out a lot of an issue. And, so long as your child can latch on to your breast correctly, they may be capable of draw your nipples out. You may as well attempt these methods in the event you or your child is struggling.

  1. Breast shells: It’s possible you’ll have to put on breast shells between feedings. Breast shells put strain on the bottom of your nipple to assist it stick out extra. Take away the breast shells earlier than you breastfeed your baby. In contrast to nipple shields, you can’t put on breast shells when you’re nursing.
  2. Breast pump: Strive utilizing a breast pump proper earlier than you nurse your child. The suction of a breast pump may help to attract out and elongate your nipples. There’s additionally one thing known as a nipple averter that may assist pull out flat nipples; talk about this with a lactation advisor.
  3. Engorgement aid: In case your nipples are flat resulting from breast engorgement, attempt to take away a bit of little bit of breast milk earlier than you place your child to the breast. Hand expressing or pumping some breast milk earlier than feeding helps to melt engorged breasts and makes it simpler to your child to latch on. Nevertheless, it’s best to solely pump a bit of little bit of breast milk. If you take away an excessive amount of breast milk, your physique will make extra and engorgement may worsen.
  4. Breastfeeding holds: Use a V-hold or a C-hold to softly squeeze your breast and current your nipple and areola to your child. These holds compress the breast like a sandwich so the newborn has one thing to latch on to. Studying easy methods to maintain and provide your breast to your child may help to encourage a very good latch.

If you’re having bother getting your child to latch on, or in the event you’re unsure in case your child is latching on accurately, have your child’s latch evaluated by your physician or a breastfeeding specialist. A trusted well being skilled with breastfeeding expertise can suggest the perfect methods to cope with your particular circumstances.

To ensure that your child is breastfeeding nicely in your flat nipples, search for the indicators that they’re getting sufficient breast milk. Maintain observe of your child’s moist diapers and be sure you take your child to all scheduled well-visits for weight checks.

A Phrase From Verywell

You probably have any considerations about your nipples or if you’re having problem latching your child on to your breast search assist as quickly as potential. A lactation advisor, your physician, your child’s physician, or a neighborhood breastfeeding group can present help.

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By Donna Murray, RN, BSN

Donna Murray, RN, BSN has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rutgers College and is a present member of Sigma Theta Tau, the Honor Society of Nursing.

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