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24 Colourful Southern Sayings You Will not Hear Wherever Else — Greatest Life

Touring throughout the USA can really feel like globetrotting, particularly whenever you encounter dialects and slang that are not generally heard in your elements. The English language has grown and developed otherwise in several areas of the nation, however maybe no space has used it—and continues to make use of it— as colorfully because the South. That is why we have rounded up our 24 favourite Southern sayings, in addition to what they imply and the place they got here from.

1. Bless your coronary heart.

Whereas this phrase might be meant sincerely, it normally has an edge. That is the couth Southerner’s manner of insulting your intelligence with out utilizing so many phrases.

2. If I had my druthers.

Once you hear this phrase, you’ll be able to interpret it as, “If I had my manner” or “If I had my selection.” Merriam-Webster factors out that “druther” has its origin in traditional American fiction, the place Mark Twain’s characters Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn used it as a shortening of “would quite.”

3. He is having a dying duck match.

This one’s fairly self-explanatory, if you consider the sounds a duck would make whereas leaving this world. Somebody stated to be having a “dying duck match” is fairly upset, to place it mildly.

4. Maintain your horses.

One other picture that is straightforward to conjure, you may hear recommendation put this manner when you’re speeding into motion with out considering issues via.

5. What within the Sam Hill?

Who’s “Sam Hill”? Why do Southerners invoke his identify instead of “hell”? Effectively, the final word origin of this exclamation is not identified, however Wikipedia has 5 doable choices listed, together with an Arizona basic retailer proprietor and a foul-mouthed surveyor.

She's stuck up higher than a light pole.

6. She’s caught up greater than a lightweight pole.

If a “caught up” individual thinks that they are higher than everybody round them, somebody who’s “caught up greater than a lightweight pole” has some severe ego points.

7. As all get-out.

Once you journey down South, “as all get-out” is the one superlative you want. Merriam-Webster dates this phrase, which can be utilized to switch nearly any adjective, again to 1849.

8. Finer than a frog’s hair.

Ever complimented a frog on their coif? Most likely not. That is as a result of, in Southern parlance, the hair of a frog have to be too superb to even detect—therefore this colourful praise.

9. Rode exhausting and put away moist.

This one could sound somewhat blue, however it has a sensible supply. Anybody who is aware of horses is aware of that they need to be cooled down and groomed after a journey earlier than they’re stabled for the night time. So an individual who’s had a tough day and is somewhat worse for put on could examine themselves to a horse with a lazy proprietor.

10. If it had been a snake, it could have bitten me.

We have all had the expertise of looking out frantically for one thing that ended up being proper in entrance of us. (A few of us a number of occasions a day.) This phrase signifies that the thing of your hunt was so shut, it may’ve actually struck.

11. Greater than Carter’s received little tablets.

Based on the language podcast A Method With Phrases, variations on the saying, “extra excuses than Carter’s received tablets” arose from a “very profitable product referred to as Carter’s Little Liver Capsules,” which “had been closely marketed starting within the late Eighteen Eighties, and as late as 1961 made for some amusing tv commercials.”

Sweatin like a sinner in church

12. Sweatin’ like a sinner in church.

With as sizzling because it will get within the Southern states, we want loads of vivid expressions as an example simply how steamy of a day it’s.

13. Heavens to Betsy.

Historical past cannot agree on who the Betsy on this variation on “for heaven’s sake” is or was, however she’s actually left her mark on Southern slang.

14. Give me some sugar.

As a substitute of straight-out asking for a hug or kiss, likelihood is, your Southern family cooed this to you each time they came over.

15. Knee-high to a grasshopper.

Based on E-book Browse, the phrase “knee-high to a grasshopper”—which refers to smallness related to a younger age—first appeared in The Democratic Evaluate in 1851.

16. Madder than a moist hen.

“Hens typically enter a section of ‘broodines,’ which means that they’re going to do something to incubate their eggs and can get agitated when farmers attempt to gather them,” Insider explains of this saying’s origin. “Farmers thus dunk hens in chilly water to ‘break’ their broodiness… and hens do not like that one bit.”

17. I may eat the north finish of a south-bound polecat.

Or goat. Or skunk. The beginnings of this Southern saying are misplaced to time—simply suffice it to say that it signifies that the speaker is ravenously hungry.

18. Jiminy Christmas

For City & NationActual Housewives star and Southern Belle Tinsley Mortimer wrote that this seemingly nonsense phrase is “a Southern manner of cursing politely and never taking the Lord’s identify in useless.” Based on The Outdated Farmer’s Almanac, it nonetheless is, nonetheless, “a direct reference to Jesus Christ and dates again to 1664, when it was first recorded as ‘Gemini,’ a twist on the Latin phrase Jesu domini.

19. Busier than a cat overlaying crap on a marble flooring.

Cat homeowners will not want us to clarify this one. It is ingrained into felines to cowl their mess, therefore the invention of the litter field. With no litter accessible, it turns into a way more tough job.

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20. Fixin’ to.

Probably the most widespread and most Southern phrases that is nonetheless in use, this one signifies that you are about to (or excited about) doing one thing, whether or not that is make a snack, go to work, or give somebody a bit of your thoughts.

That dog don't hunt

21. That canine do not hunt.

“That canine do not hunt” and comparable sayings are hottest in Georgia, the place they will simply stand in for a proof that one thing will not or does not work.

22. He does not have the great sense god gave a goose.

You most likely prefer to assume that you just’re smarter than this water fowl, but when a Southerner thinks you are not, they will absolutely set you straight.

23. Gone cattywampus.

Based on Ineffective Etymology, the phrase “cattywampus” has modified meanings over time. The adverb “catawampusly” was once exchangeable for “avidly,” whereas the noun meant a “fantastical creature.” Within the 1840s, the location says, British writers used it to make enjoyable of American Southern slang. In its present which means (for one thing to be askew or awry), cattywampus has been totally embraced by the tradition it was as soon as poking enjoyable at.

24. She’s being ugly.

If a Southerner calls you “ugly,” it is most definitely not a knock at your bodily look—it is a deeper criticism. Within the South, to be “ugly” signifies that you are being vulgar, impolite, or typically disagreeable to be round. So when that insult comes your manner, you’d higher take a tough take a look at your manners and habits.

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