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17 Fun & Meaningful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

2. Personalized Memory Lane Birthday Book

by FromLucyGifts

Personalized Memory Lane Book

This is such a great idea for any age, but especially if you’ve been walking the planet for 60 years. With that many years to account for, it’s bound to be full of fun, fascinating, and hilarious stuff about the birthday girl’s (or boy’s) life. 

This trip down memory land is packed with world news, financial info, and pop culture trends that were happening when they were born. It also delivers some interesting facts like how many times their heart has beaten so far, the average number of hours they’ve spent eating, how much time they’ve spent in the bathroom, and a lot more!

Entirely personalized down to the last detail, it’s a great gift for someone who’s made it through 60 awesome years!

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