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17 2000s Cartoons That Completely Formed Us

There was one thing particular about 2000s cartoons. Possibly it’s nostalgia speaking, however from the animation types to their typically twisted storylines, cartoons of this period simply hit in a different way.

Due to the doorways that Nineteen Nineties cartoons had opened, the tales advised in numerous early 2000s cartoons received to be extra experimental, and the burgeoning affect of Japanese anime meant Western cartoons had been changing into extra visually fascinating, too. In the end, in contrast with regardless of the children are watching these days, we’re fairly certain 2000s cartoons are wackier and weirder, for the higher. (Minimize to a scene of me googling “what cartoons are the youngsters watching as we speak” and feeling tremendously previous.)

In fact, many of those exhibits, from Cartoon Community fan favorites to the golden period of Nickelodeon and Disney cartoons, lived on nicely previous their authentic heyday. A handful are even slated for upcoming live-action reprisals. Others, sadly, have slipped into the camp of forgotten 2000s cartoons — however that may make all of them the extra enjoyable to reminisce on.

Under, we’ve rounded up 17 of the very best 2000s cartoons that’ll get you nostalgic (and perhaps clarify slightly extra concerning the particular person you’ve turn into than you’d need them to). Whereas some might have technically first hit Saturday morning screens within the 90s, we expect these all fall fairly solidly inside the 2000s cartoon canon!

1. Codename: Children Subsequent Door (2002-2008

We’re fairly certain the 10-year-old operatives of Children Subsequent Door, a secret group that battled villainous adults, had the cartoon world’s coolest treehouse. There was one thing vaguely Out of the Field-y about it — if the playhouse in Out of the Field featured, y’know, high-tech weaponry.

2. Kim Attainable (2002- 2007)

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