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15 Wonderful Polar Bear Info — Finest Life

Whether or not you’re a polar bear knowledgeable or your information of the Arctic-dwelling animals begins and ends with their use in Coca-Cola commercials, there are such a lot of fascinating issues to study polar bears, making them one in all nature’s most attention-grabbing animals. Do you know they’re technically thought-about to be marine mammals? Or how about the truth that they’re not truly white? And that is simply the tip of the iceberg on the subject of these cold-climate creatures. Hold studying for extra wonderful polar bear info that you just will not imagine.

Pair of polar bears interacting in tundra in Churchill, Canada

When you wished a few of your pal’s meals, you’ll most likely simply ask them if they would not thoughts sharing. Polar bears, then again, ask for a chunk to eat with their noses. In keeping with Polar Bears Worldwide, a “visitor bear will strategy slowly, circle round a carcass, then meekly contact the feeding bear’s nostril” to ask if they will have among the meals.

Polar bear mother and cubs polar bear facts

When feminine polar bears give delivery, they usually achieve this in December and normally can provide delivery to anyplace between one and 4 cubs at a time. However in line with Polar Bears Worldwide, they usually give delivery in pairs of two, which implies twin polar bears will not be unusual.

young polar bear in Moscow zoo

Don’t fret, they appear white to us, too. However, the pores and skin of a polar bear is definitely black, and their fur is definitely translucent. So, we solely see white as a result of when daylight hits their fur, the air areas between every hair scatter the sunshine of all different colours.

polar bear sniffing the air for its prey

Polar bears closely depend on their nice sense of odor to hunt their prey, in line with a 2017 research printed in Scientific Reviews. It is estimated that they will odor a seal on the ice from as much as 20 miles away.

Polar bear on ice

Polar bears are the one sort of bears categorized as marine mammals as a result of a lot of their life is determined by the ocean, particularly on the subject of meals and habitat. Their scientific identify is Ursus maritimus, which accurately means “sea bear.” Different animals categorized as marine mammals embody whales, seals, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, and sea otters.

two backlit polar bear cubs play in water as seen from below.

It is true—polar bears are tremendous swimmers. Whereas most people can barely final an hour within the water, polar bears can swim for days at a time. The Environmental Information Community studies that polar bears recurrently swim distances of 30 miles at a time. What is the longest polar bear swim of all time? In keeping with Nationwide Geographic, one feminine polar bear swam for a “record-breaking 9 days straight,” touring a distance of 426 miles.

Brown and polar bear cubs portrait

In keeping with Nationwide Geographic, polar bears, on common, can develop as much as eight toes tall and weight as large as 1,600 kilos. The one bear that might probably rival the polar bear in measurement is the brown bear, in any other case referred to as the Kodiak bear.

Detailed view of polar bear, close-up, ursus maritimus

Polar bears usually weigh between 900 and 1,500 kilos, in line with the Library of Congress. However the largest polar bear ever recorded weighed in at 2,210 kilos—which is greater than a metric ton.

polar bear cubs sleep next to their mother during a snow storm. The bears are waiting for the bay to freeze over allowing them to hunt seals on the ice Manitoba, Canada.

When you consider bears, you usually take into consideration the hibernation they go into through the winter. However in line with Polar Bears Worldwide, not like different bears, polar bears do not actually have a must hibernate. Solely pregnant polar bears keep in a den for months at a time to guard, give delivery, and nurse their cubs. However different polar bears simply keep exterior through the winter, searching and doing regular issues.

The polar bear looks out of a snow den. Canada

Generally polar bears need to journey lengthy distances to get their meals, which explains why they’ve tailored to going months with out consuming. In keeping with Lisa Kemmerer’s guide, Bear Requirements, polar bears have the power to retailer almost 150 kilos of meals of their stomachs and might enter a “metabolic state just like that of hibernation” at any level of the 12 months. In reality, pregnant polar bears can truly go with out meals or water for 4 to eight months, as they retreat to their den to guard their soon-to-be-born.

polar bear walking on the snow with his paws

If it looks like polar bears by no means look as clumsy or uncomfortable strolling on the snow as people or different less-equipped animals usually do, it is as a result of they’ve a built-in benefit. Polar bears’ paws are perfect for roaming the Arctic, in line with Polar Bears Worldwide. They’ve black footpads on the underside of every paw that are coated in small, gentle bumps—referred to as papillae—which grip the ice, and hold the bear from slipping. In addition they have bits of fur in between their toes so as to add additional safety.

Polar bear (Ursus maritimus) rolling on the ice near Svalbard, Norway.

How does a polar bear get clear? They only roll round within the snow! In keeping with the Utah Hogle Zoo, polar bears take cleanliness very significantly as a result of anyplace that grime finally ends up is a spot that “chilly air or water can attain their pores and skin.” Whereas they might go for a swim as a technique to bathe in the summertime,  within the winter, when issues are frozen, they clear their fur by rolling round within the snow.

polar bear foot tracks in the snow

Whereas it appears arduous to imagine, given the character of the local weather they stay in, polar bears can in reality overheat. Since they’ve two thick layers of fur and a thick layer of physique fats, they’ve extra of an opportunity of overheating—particularly once they run—than they do of freezing, in line with Polar Bears Worldwide.

polar bear in natural environment

Polar bears are referred to as the “apex predators” of the Arctic, which implies they’re the highest predator and haven’t any pure animal predators that search them as prey. So what’s the greatest risk to a polar bear? Local weather change. In keeping with Uncover Wildlife, polar bears want sea ice to “hunt seals,” and the discount of sea ice by means of local weather change is resulting in “fewer cub births and lowered survival charges.”

a brown grizzly bear with white fur

It might appear to be polar bears have just one attainable mate: Different polar bears. However, it seems, they’ve truly additionally tailored to mate with grizzly bears. In 2006, Nationwide Geographic reported that they discovered a grizzly-polar bear hybrid. The bear had white fur with numerous brown patches, lengthy claws, a concave facial profile, and a humped again. Unofficial names embody “grolar bear” and “pizzly bears.”

Extra reporting by Ashley Moor.

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