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13 Information In regards to the Quantity 13 That Will Severely Freak You Out — Greatest Life

The quantity 13 is often thought-about the unluckiest quantity round. Those that are superstitious will keep away from something having to do with these digits—from the thirteenth step on a set of stairs to the thirteenth flooring of a constructing. And these people aren’t being completely dramatic, both. All through historical past, the quantity 13 has been related to dangerous luck and misfortune, so it is solely pure that persons are doubtful. That will help you be taught extra about this spooky quantity, we have rounded up some info in regards to the quantity 13 that may critically freak you out. (And sure, there are 13 of them. We simply could not assist ourselves.)

Adolf Hitler Kennedys
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It simply so occurs that fairly a couple of serial killers have 13-letter names, together with Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, and Albert DeSalvo. Even Jack the Ripper has 13 letters, as does Adolfus Hitler, which was Adolf Hitler’s baptismal identify.

scared man

Some individuals aren’t simply leery of the quantity 13—they’re downright afraid of it. Those that concern this quantity undergo from what’s referred to as triskaidekaphobia.

Based on Time, hundreds of thousands of people are on the mercy of this excessive aversion, together with well-known horror author Stephen King. Again in 1984, King admitted to stepping over the thirteenth stair, feeling uncomfortable watching channel 13, and refusing to pause on web page 13 (and even on pages with digits that add as much as 13, like web page 94) whereas studying books. “It is neurotic, positive. But it surely’s additionally … safer,” he wrote in a 1984 article for The New York Instances.

fdr bobby kennedy

King is not the one well-known identify related to triskaidekaphobia. President Franklin D. Roosevelt additionally suffered from this concern, which is why he was extraordinarily cautious with the quantity, in line with his biographer, journalist John Gunther. “[Like] most individuals with good luck, FDR was reasonably—not excessively—superstitious. He hated Friday the thirteenth, he would by no means begin an vital journey on a Friday if he may assist it, and he disliked sitting down with 13 at dinner,” Gunther as soon as wrote.

Friday the 13th

For those who, like FDR, are the form of one that fears they’re going to undergo an unusually unlucky destiny on Friday the thirteenth, you possibly can breathe a bit of simpler. “No knowledge exists, and can by no means exist, to verify that the quantity 13 is an unfortunate quantity,” Igor Radun of the Human Elements and Security Habits Group on the College of Helsinki informed Reside Science. “There isn’t a cause to imagine that any quantity can be fortunate or unfortunate.”

Actually, in 2004, Radun co-authored a examine that discovered that neither males nor ladies have extra accidents on Friday the thirteenth in comparison with different Fridays.

plane crash

Positive, there is no proof that dangerous issues usually tend to occur on Friday the thirteenth—however many disasters definitely have. For instance, on a Friday the thirteenth in 1972, a airplane crashed within the Andes, and the survivors reluctantly resorted to cannibalism. On the identical day, a Russian airplane crashed close to Moscow, killing 174 individuals. On a Friday the thirteenth in 2006, almost 400,000 individuals misplaced energy in Buffalo, New York, when a blizzard buried the town in two ft of snow—in October! Suffice it to say, generally dangerous issues do occur on the thirteenth.

13th floor button on elevator

Loads of buildings have a thirteenth flooring—however usually, it’s going to go by a unique identify. Frankly, promoting condos or getting resort friends to remain on the thirteenth flooring has confirmed tough. In 2015, the New York Metropolis-based housing knowledge and listings agency CityRealty launched an inventory of condos in Manhattan which have a thirteenth flooring. Based on The Atlantic, “the corporate discovered that, out of 629 buildings with 13 or extra flooring, solely 55 labeled the thirteenth flooring because the thirteenth flooring. Meaning solely 9 p.c of the condos that truly have thirteenth flooring label them as such. The remaining 91 p.c of buildings with thirteenth flooring relabeled them.”

So, for those who ever end up on a flooring that is labeled 12B or 14A and even M (the thirteenth letter within the alphabet), we’re sorry to inform you, however you are in all probability on the thirteenth flooring.


Whereas some buildings keep away from deeming their thirteenth flooring as such, homeowners in Vancouver aren’t allowed to take action. The Canadian metropolis used to let builders leap to quantity 14 to keep away from the unfortunate quantity. Nevertheless, issues began to get out of hand when there have been additionally requests to skip any flooring that had the quantity 4 in it (i.e. 4, 14, 24, 34, and so forth.) as a result of that is additionally thought-about unfortunate in some cultures. “We’re again to primary math on the metropolis,” the town’s Chief Constructing Official Pat Ryan informed the Vancouver Solar in 2015. “It was very onerous to justify why we have been doing this if one thing have been to go fallacious.”

hospital room with bed

Some condos, accommodations, and workplace buildings could refuse to acknowledge their thirteenth flooring to calm anybody who fears the unfortunate quantity—and that is the identical motivation behind a London hospital’s resolution to eliminate a few of its beds. As a result of the beds are numbered, superstitious sufferers need to keep away from mattress quantity 13, as a result of they “contemplate it an unfortunate omen” and it causes them “pointless fear,” in line with The Day by day Mail. To calm these fears, St. Thomas’ Hospital in south London now has beds that go from 12 to 14.

Guinness World Records Logo Bikini Facts

The Donnellys of Armagh, Eire, encompass 13 residing siblings born between 1924 and 1945, which helped them earn a Guinness World Report for the very best mixed age of any residing siblings on earth. In 2017, the 13 brothers and sisters—John (born in 1924), Mary (born in 1925), Eileen (born in 1927), Peter (born in 1929), Margaret (born in 1930), Rose (born in 1932), William (born in 1934), Terence (born in 1935), James (born in 1937), Brian (born in 1940), Kathleen (born in 1941), Hugh (born in 1943), and Gerald (born in 1945)—reached a mixed age of 1,075 years and 68 days. Sadly, their brother Austin handed away earlier than they may qualify as a gaggle of 14 siblings.

calendar page flipping sheet close up background

The internationally accepted Gregorian calendar could also be cut up into 12 months, however issues have been nearly very completely different. If the world adopted the Worldwide Fastened calendar, we would have 13 months. On this various system, every month consists of the very same variety of days, which is 28 as an alternative of 30 or 31 like we’ve now. The calendar was created by Moses Cotsworth, a North Jap Railway advisor who was irritated by the best way months with completely different numbers of days affected his paychecks. (Aren’t all of us, Cotsworth. Aren’t all of us.)


For those who’re not a fan of the quantity 13, then you may additionally be cautious of Taylor Swift. Born on December 13, 1989, the pop star adores the quantity 13 and frequently slips the quantity into her music every time potential. “I used to be born on the thirteenth. I turned 13 on Friday the thirteenth. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first No. 1 track had a 13-second intro. Each time I’ve received an award, I have been seated in both the thirteenth seat, the thirteenth row, the thirteenth part, or row M, which is the thirteenth letter,” Swift defined to MTV Information in 2009. “Mainly every time a 13 comes up in my life, it is a good factor.”

Theodore Roosevelt

If Swift had been round between the late 1800s and early 1900s, she might need been invited to affix the 13 Membership, courtesy of an invite from Captain William Fowler, “a gregarious man about city,” who was a member of “13 secret and social organizations,” in line with the New York Historic Society. He was additionally the founding father of the 13 Membership, an elite group that embraced the unfortunate quantity throughout their conferences and included members like Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, and Theodore Roosevelt (pictured right here).

the code of hammurabi

The quantity 13’s dangerous repute does not stem from one easy story, however the unfortunate quantity is rooted in a number of legends. One story “concerned one of many world’s oldest authorized paperwork, the Code of Hammurabi, which reportedly omitted a thirteenth legislation from its record of authorized guidelines,” in line with the Historical past Channel. “In actuality, the omission was not more than a clerical error made by one of many doc’s earliest translators.”

There’s additionally the truth that many methods merely finish at 12. For instance, the Historical past Channel experiences that “historical Sumerians developed a numeral system primarily based on using 12 that’s nonetheless used for measuring time immediately; most calendars have 12 months; a single day is comprised of two 12-hour half days, and so forth. Following so carefully on the heels of a ‘excellent’ quantity, some argue, the poor 13 was positive to be discovered missing and weird.” Poor 13.

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